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In Resident Evil 7 there are many areas and each place is associated with important developments of the game, especially Baker’s Kitchen.

A miniature builder from Abandoned Miniatures Youtube channel created a lifelike place of Resident Evil 7 diorama. The anniversary of Resident Evil 7 is will arrive next a few months away – in January – after 5 years released.

With the Resident Evil 6 version not meeting many expectations from players, the franchise has been seriously affected. The game’s resurgence in recent years is due to the success of Resident Evil 7 with its first-person gameplay. Along with storytelling using a variety of scare and horror methods true to the essence of the game. As a result, Resident Evil 7 is a formative return to the series while also bringing it into the modern era of horror gaming.

With new characters along with an expanded story, using the family love story between Ethan and Mia. RE7 is Capcom’s second best-selling game along with numerous publications such as creations, including cosplay, art, and even diorama.


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The owner of Abandoned Miniatures channel on Youtube said that he loved the atmosphere of the deadly room in the game and it inspired him to recreate the Baker family’s kitchen. As a landscape designer, he uses many clever methods to build the kitchen and make it rotten and alive in detail.

The Baker farmhouse is the main location in the Beginning Hour demo of Resident Evil 7. The kitchen was also the focal point of the demo showcasing the VR technology. And became the most recognizable place of the official game.

Making a miniature Baker's Kitchen in Resident Evil 7
Baker’s Kitchen in Resident Evil 7

The horrific events in RE7 happen continuously in different areas of the house through the perspective of many characters. The game requires the player to move back and forth to assemble multiple pieces of content to understand the whole thing. events happened.

Observing artisans using manual methods like this always attracts many viewers. Especially for fans of the Resident Evil 7 series. When they see an emblem of their favorite game by truly. Even so, Abandoned Miniatures also created the famous locations and areas of The Last of Us, Evil Dead, and Silent Hill 4. Compared to previous productions, the creation of an area has a dirty and dilapidated landscape. It will take more time and effort than a neat and pristine place.


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