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Faster than people think, the open-world game about marvel hero world named Marvel Future Revolution will officially launch gamers around the world in August with the expectation of gamers.

If you don’t know, Marvel Future Revolution is a new collaboration game project from Netmarbel Corp and Marvel Entertainment. Players will control the superheroes of the Marvel universe and explore the world and mysterious storylines for both iOS and Android. Just opened its pre-registration in June, latest trailer to set official release date is August 25, 2021.

MARVEL Future Revolution begins when Earths in various universes. Beginning to collide with each other and create a “primitive Earth” along with a series of new problems. Multi-universe means that many different versions of superheroes and villains coexist in a world. The players will explore the new universe through prominent characters in groups such as Avengers, X-men, and more than that. The superhero characters are available at the beginning of the game including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange…

Each hero will have their own skillset. That can be used according to each situation and the Arbitrary PvE or PvP battlefield. Each character is “raised” separately so that you can take advantage of future special modes such as Blitz, Special Operation, Raid boss, and more. Of course, the game will still have an in-game store. That you can collect the characters you want (with the Gacha system that will most likely appear). And a special costume system according to each character.

How to Download

Gamers can pre-register by searching Marvel Future Revolution on the App Store or Google Play. If you register early, may you can receive some limited gifts and costumes for their characters when launch. Marvel Future Revolution will not limit the region of gamers and can split servers by region for the convenience of pinging like any other game. Let’s wait for Marvel’s first open-world game on the mobile right in late August.

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