The God of Thunder's armor is precisely converted into Marvel's Avengers down to the littlest detail
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The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe costume to enter the Marvel Avengers is Thor’s iconic and pious design in the 2012 cross-border epic “The Avengers”. 

Marvel’s Avengers’ list costumes has grown steadily last year

Marvel's Avengers' list costumes has grown steadily last year
Marvel’s Avengers’ list costumes has grown steadily last year

Thor’s iconic armor from the 2012 Marvel Cinematic Universe installment Avengers will soon appear in the Marvel Avengers. 

Crystal Dynamics’ multiplayer action game has a complete lineup of playable heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther and Thor. 

Although the titles were originally launched without them, the list of MCU-style clothing for Marvel’s Avengers has grown steadily last year. 

Players have to spend money for Marvel’s Avengers’ beloved MCU skins

Marvel Avengers adopts a live broadcast service structure and regularly adds new content for free. 

This support comes in the form of new playable heroes, new locations, and new storylines for players to experience. 

At the same time, an extensive micro-transaction system allows players to purchase cosmetics such as clothing, nameplates, and demolition animations with real money.

Marvel’s Avengers’ beloved MCU skins are limited to this Marketplace. That means that if players want to wear Iron Man 2’s suitcase armor or Captain America’s costume from Avengers: Endgame, they have to spend money. 

In fact, Marvel’s Avengers contains $3,000 worth of cosmetics, which frustrates many fans who want to customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for free. 


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The God of Thunder’s armor is precisely converted into Marvel’s Avengers down to the littlest detail

Marvel’s Avengers introduces Thor’s MCU Avengers armor

As the latest live-action entertainment of the game, Marvel’s Avengers released the armor of Thor in 2012’s The Avengers through Twitter. 

Chris Hemsworth wore this iconic costume in the third act of this beloved teamwork movie, when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gathered in New York City with aliens Chitauri fights.

Just like the MCU cosmetics before the game, the armor of the God of Thunder is accurately translated into Marvel’s Avengers, down to the tiniest details. 

The model’s hair and light-colored beard reflect the appearance of Hemsworth in the 2012 movie, and even Mjolnir was redesigned instead of reusing the game’s original hammer design.

Thor’s classic MCU appearance will be launched in Marvel’s Avengers on December 9. 

Gamers can earn cosmetic gear simply by playing the game

Gamers can earn cosmetic gear simply by playing the game
Gamers can earn cosmetic gear simply by playing the game

Although many fans criticized Marvel’s Avengers for its focus on microtransactions, the developer Crystal Dynamics recently implemented a new system that allows players to get outfits without spending real money. 

The new Shipments system is almost like a traditional loot box, except that the player will accurately display what they will receive when making a purchase. 

Shipments can also be purchased in Units obtained by playing games instead of Credits purchased with real money. 

This provides gamers with a way to earn cosmetics and equipment by playing games, although some items such as MCU outfits are still limited to the Marketplace. 

Closing thought

Marvel’s Avengers has never fully recovered from its difficult launch in 2020. Nevertheless, Crystal Dynamics seems to have the dedication to addressing fan feedback and making improvements. 

For months, MCU skins have been a big appeal from fans.

Also, their detail and faithfulness to the live-action franchise does not let us down.

Thor’s armored appearance from 2012’s The Avengers is impeccably converted into the game, permitting players to channel their inner thunder.

Wonder’s Avengers is accessible on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia.

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