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The November 30 update will bring a lot of exciting content while it is not yet certain what the future will hold for Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers fans have had a year full of ups and downs. Months passed without meaningful content. But then the excellent “War for Wakanda” expansion was released and injected new vitality into the game. 

Soon after, the frustrating paid content was added to Marvel’s Avengers, although it was recently removed. 

Throughout the process, interesting MCU skins and comic-style clothing provided a beacon of hope. And many people hope that the November 30 update may be a turning point for the game. 

The next Marvel Avengers update will bring several required features, such as an updated level cap and a redesigned cosmetic system. 

The first raid will also be a feature. Crystal Dynamics promises to provide a cruel challenge that is harder than any task the player has done before. 

It will be interesting to see how the player handles this difficulty peak. However, the most important thing is that November 30 will finally bring Spider-Man’s debut.

The Spider-Man hero event

Marvel's Avengers: What's coming in the Big November 30 update
The Spider-Man hero event

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation will be able to play Spider-Man on November 30th. 

Although it is unclear how his webbing will work, or whether the crossing feels right, fans know that this character will appear in a different way than other post-launch heroes in the game. 

Spider-Man will be added together with the “With Great Power” hero event. 

This is different from the Operation for Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Black Widow, as these characters bring new boss fights, locations and story content. 

In the PlayStation exclusive hero event, Spider-Man users will complete the “unlockable challenges throughout the Avengers Initiative”. 

This makes it seem that there will be no new missions. However, players will complete the challenge in the current content lineup of the game. 

These tasks may be related to certain abilities or mission types.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man DLC has cutscenes, although it remains unclear how many there will be and when they will appear. 

As for Peter’s story, he apparently stumbled upon an AIM plot that would allow the company to expand its synthetic robot army. 

This version of the character will become a friend of Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, although Crystal Dynamics hints that Peter is used to fighting alone may see him part ways with the Avengers and remain independent. 

This can explain why the character will not appear in future content, but only in the PlayStation version of the game. 

Fans have a brief understanding of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers. 

As November 30 approaches, players can expect to see gameplay and some character sets. 

Although unfortunately Xbox and PC players won’t be able to play this role, PlayStation fans have some truly exciting things to look forward to at the end of the month.

Marvel’s Avengers’ first raid

Marvel's Avengers: What's coming in the Big November 30 update
Marvel’s Avengers’ first raid

In Discordant Sound Raid, Marvel’s Avengers players will fight the Black Panther villain Klaw and perform a long and challenging mission before this boss battle. 

Although it is unclear whether this battle is different from the battle where the player fought Crow and Crossbones at the same time in the War for Wakanda, it will definitely be difficult.

It is said that the player will “finish him off for good” in this mission. And the story will start from where the “War for Wakanda” stopped. 

As for the setting of the mission, the player will fight through Wakanda’s Vibranium Mound. It will appear briefly at the end of the War for Wakanda. 

Since the player spends very little time in the area, its traps and terrain should still feel fresh, ensuring that the battle is unique. 

If players want to complete this raid, they may need a whole set of full-level heroes and some solid coordination.


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Improvements to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th

Increasing power level

Marvel's Avengers: What's coming in the Big November 30 update
Improvements to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th

Marvel’s Avengers experience will undergo several improvements. The first is to increase the power level. 

The previous cap was 150, but now players will be able to reach 175. It gives them a new goal to strive for when it comes to their gear. 

Although it would be great to have more powerful heroes, some people may worry about the need to cultivate new equipment. 

Fortunately, Crystal Power has made a clear plan for this situation. 

Players will be able to upgrade the full-level equipment in Marvel’s Avengers and reclaim higher-power-level equipment to improve old items. 

This allows players to stick to their favorite equipment and bring their hard-earned items to 175. 

Although Crystal Dynamics warns that there are “a few exceptions” to this process, players should be able to carry most items with them on their journey to the new level cap. 

Most importantly, players will be allowed to complete each hero’s weekly goal, not just one, which should make it easier to level up.


Marvel's Avengers: What's coming in the Big November 30 update
Improvements to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th

One of the most exciting things in the update is the Shipments, which allows players to get many cosmetics from Marvel’s Avengers. 

Earnable cosmetics were removed in order to support the new system a few months ago. And the redo finally appeared along with Spider-Man and Klaw Raid. 

Players will be able to purchase a shipment for 500 units, which is an in-game currency that players may have accumulated a lot. 

Players have a small chance to get an exclusive premium skin every time they open a shipment. But if they open 100, they will automatically get a skin. 

This means that if players invest enough time in the game, they will eventually get cosmetics, which is a good gesture. 

Although this update may not be enough to save Marvel’s Avengers, it is still exciting-especially for PlayStation fans. 

As Spider-Man will soon be in the hands of PS4 and PS5 users, the amount of in-game content continues to grow.

Ideally, 2022 will bring many additional exciting things to the game, giving players more enemy types to fight and areas to fight them in. 

At present, however, a troublesome new mission in Wakanda and some earnable cosmetics  to gather ought to be sufficient to draw in some passed fans and new players. 

Marvel’s Avengers is accessible now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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