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Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition is the end of a series of three-episode Mass Effect favorites of many players. As Mass Effect 2 spectacularly improves the cumbersome control mechanisms that still carry residuals from the Knights of the Old Republic to provide more smooth mechanisms. As well as expand the mass effect universe with a fascinating and profound story.

Following the torch, Mass Effect 3 continues to improve the gameplay of the game more and holds the responsibility of closing the game’s extraordinary storylines.


Mass Effect 3 in the memory of many players is the most complete Mass Effect version in combat and movement mechanisms. When Mass Effect 2 only feels a bit like a third-person shooter, Mass Effect 3, especially the Legendary Edition version. Raising the fighting mechanism to a level and making players suddenly realize that the game feels like… Mass Effect: Andromeda a lot.

Trained through two games, Shephard today feels more and more like an elite cosmic warrior of humanity. When every weapon he (or she) holds in his hand feels extremely deadly and accurate.

The hiding mechanisms used to feel not “sticky” and grumpy like previous versions, now more natural, sliding out sliding into a heavier hiding place.

Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - Review Game

The gameplay of Mass Effect 3 has the perfect middle point between BioWare’s familiar cumbersome and more satisfying and “fun” combat mechanisms

This also makes the use of weapons in the game really interesting! The “Quickscope” with a satisfying trimming guy. As well as a unique character upgrade will make players feel more like the “I am the god” of the Reaper!

For the writer. The gameplay of Mass Effect 3 is the perfect middle point between BioWare’s familiar cumbersome and more satisfying and “fun” fighting mechanisms!


The first thing that the writer must mention as soon as discussing the plot of Mass Effect 3: the end of the game. The ending of Mass Effect 3 (old) has so far always caused controversy among fans of the series. As players think it limits their choices a lot, making them feel their choices are ruthlessly deprived. And the choices made in the previous two titles are “betrayed”!

In 2014, the writer also “hated” that ending. But now, when adventuring a circuit with Shephard through three titles and hundreds of hours. As well as playing many other games, the writer feels that the ending of Mass Effect 3 is much more weighty.

The ending will surely make many players feel unsatisfied. But sometimes the hero’s journey not only ends in victory, and like Mass Effect, we should “grow up” and accept that.

Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - Review Game

In addition to the ending, mass effect 3’s 50-hour storyline will allow players to meet new and old faces again. To travel together on Commander Shephard’s final adventure to protect the survival of all life in space.

As usual, Shepherd’s journey is always full of feelings of rehabilitation, comradery, and the spirit of immortal adventure. For the writer, after more than 130 hours of continuous Mass Effect 1 and 2 play. Instantly moving on to Shephard’s emotional final adventure is truly a great experience!


Mass Effect 3 itself is a good game. But the re-made version of the game still does not correct the dynamic problems of the game and does not really make meaningful improvements like previous games.

The graphics of the game are not upgraded as spectacularly as the previous two versions. The writer really feels that this is just an upgraded version “through the speakers” when changing the light superficially and reducing the opacity of some outdated image filters.

Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - Review Game

Mass Effect 3 is inherently a beautiful and impressive game. But the improvements of the third part do not make players feel like they are playing a worthy re-version like the last two parts.

In addition, the system of exploring planets from part one has been back but somewhat shallow. When players now do not really explore interesting places as much as before, but only play on a “flat” screen.

As well as the game’s superficial side-quest system. One of the great shortcomings of the old version is not much improved!

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