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Muck was created when YouTuber Dani was teased that he couldn’t make a survival game on his own. That’s why Dani released Muck for free and received great support from the community. So what is so interesting about Muck that makes so many people passionate about this survival game?

For players experiencing Muck for the first time. Surely you will wonder, why such an ordinary game should receive such attention. Still has the familiar survival style with a character who has to find a way to survive in a strange land. However Muck has relatively simpler gameplay, the game rhythm is moderate between collecting, building, and fighting for survival. Along with that is the light graphics platform, very easy to observe. The models of trees, weapons, and resources… in Muck are also designed Low-Poly to minimize the maximum to reduce the configuration of the game to the lowest level to fit PCs with configuration short.

In the game Muck, you will play as a person trapped in the ruins on an island, alone or with friends. Here, try to survive as long as possible using the resources you find around the island. On the island there will be a lot of resources, crafting tools, weapons, armor, and items for you to collect and build a base during the day. But once night falls, mysterious enemies will emerge from the shadows. This is when you use the resources and weapons you created during the day to fight and survive.

Which devices you can play Muck

Muck is a free game on Steam that works on the Windows operating system. But recently the developer has released Muck for free on macOS and Linux operating systems. That’s why you won’t need to use unofficial Muck crack versions. And you can download Muck directly from Steam. But until now, the Muck Mobile version has not been released, hopefully, in the future, this game will set foot on Android and iOS.

How to play Muck Online?

Muck is an online as well as a single-player game. However, the gaming experience will be more interesting if you have friends to join. All you need to do is enter the room code to be able to survive with your friends on the island in Muck.

Now you can download Muck on Steam directly: Click here.

Muck - Classic open world survival game

Muck Game Main Features

  • Collect resources around the island to craft items and weapons.
  • Build a solid base during the day for the defense.
  • Face countless creatures and dangerous situations at night.
  • The game integrates a variety of game modes: Solo, PvP, or Co-op with friends.
  • Collect unique power-ups to increase your chances of survival.

Muck Update (Update 4)

  • Major Changes Added 40-50 new targets for Muck.
  • 4 new original tracks by Context Sensitive (Evan King).
  • Trader camp.


Pixel Zombie Survival

Trader Camps

  • Traders Camps now randomly spawn around the map.
  • The woodcutter will run around in the camp.
  • Some Woodcutters have items to trade with you (buy or sell).

New Enemy

  • Chef (boss).
  • Woodcutter (Trader).

Muck - Classic open world survival game

Gameplay Improving

  • Mob gameplay no longer pierces through trees and minerals.
  • The camera can be tracked freely now by pressing any motion key while tracking.
  • The end screen shows stats for all players.

New Items

  • Boss Spear (Rare).
  • Spear Point (Rare).
  • Sword Obama.
  • Obmium Armor.


  • The character model has been improved.
  • Chat commands will now autofill commands and names.
  • Added the / kick command so that the host can kick the player.

Muck Update (Story and Final Boss)


  • The developer has created an ending for Muck, allowing you to complete the game. This is optional and you can skip it if you want to play forever.
  • The new unknown structure will randomly spawn somewhere on the island.

New Enemies

  • Bob (Dragon).
  • Guardian (Boss).


  • You can now swim (and possibly drown).
  • Change the terrain generation a bit.
  • Difficulty adjusted.
  • Mobs won’t go through objects too much.

Muck - Classic open world survival game

New Items

  • Map (Common).
  • Gemstones (rare).
  • Night Blade (Rare).
  • Black Fragment (Rare).
  • Ruby (Uncommon).
  • Obamium Bar/Ore (Uncommon).

New Resources

  • Obamium Ore.
  • Ruby.
  • Caves contain resources.

Other customizations

  • Other players can be seen on the map.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented music from playing.
  • Resources now always spawn a minimum, so you’re guaranteed to find everything.

Muck Gameplay

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