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Without prior notice or hosting an event. Nintendo unexpectedly announcing an OLED version of the Switch with some upgrades to the handle’s display and dock.

Looking over, despite having the same size and shape as the old Switch series. The Switch OLED is significantly upgrading to the screen with a 720p 7-inch OLED screen (Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD and the Switch Lite’s5.5-inch), delivering more vivid and sharp colors. In addition, the model also upgraded “lightly” when equipped with 64GB capacity, a new construction foot, and a LAN port for the dock, along with a better speaker set than previous models.

Nintendo Switch OLED unexpectedly announced with some upgrades
Nintendo Switch OLED unexpectedly announced with some upgrades

Speaking to The Verge, a Nintendo representative said the model would not have any upgrades for CPU, or increase the amount of RAM compared to other Switch sets. In addition, joy-con and games of the Switch will usually also work normally on the OLED version.

As such, the model can still only export “up to 1080p via HDMI in TV Mode” as Nintendo reported. Unlike some previous rumors that the new Switch model would be capable of 4K exports or UPGRADES to THE CPU and GPU.

The Nintendo Switch with OLED will be released on October 8 for $349.99.

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