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It is not uncommon for the driver of two companies Nvidia and AMD to affect the performance of games or software that use GPUs. Sometimes these problems come from the manufacturer, sometimes it comes from an error during driver update, but today I got an issue with League of Legends driver (LOL).

What is my problem in League of Legends driver?

First, In the past, there were many times that Nvidia and AMD drivers damaged, or worse, burned the computer. And of course, the manufacturer must compensate for the users. It is obvious.

However, this time I do not want to talk about any serious incidents. But it will have a certain impact if you do not detect them in time.

Specifically, in the process of upgrading the driver of the Nvidia 1060 6GB GPU from Asus. I encountered a small problem that made the League of Legends game unable to display the Client, thereby unable to manipulate the search or match. store, parameters… Also because I didn’t spend too much time playing the game, I assumed it was a problem from Riot.

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Nvidia Driver make League of Legends's Client only show Black Screen

Also It can’t say I’m wrong, because it’s been a long time since Riot hasn’t updated their Client interface. This game company’s delay in enhancing client performance has been complained by gamers for many years. Riot seems to have spent so much time developing Skins and music videos and movies about League of Legends that they forgot to upgrade the game itself.

Coming back to this error, after the process of researching and rolling back my Windows 10 system. I discovered that upgrading to driver version 472.12 made LoL’s Client… an unexpected black screen. This could be the result of a driver upgrade while there are a lot of tabs of Edge browser active or something else, the truth is I can’t remember what my PC opened while updating the driver.

How to solve black screen League of Legends driver

At first, I spent about 2 to 3 days living with this situation (sorry Riot because I think this is a problem you guys for League of Legends upgrading). However, after looking carefully, I suddenly remembered that the driver of my Asus VGA has just been updated with the new driver.

Nvidia Driver make League of Legends's Client only show Black Screen

Seeing the problem, I decided to uninstall from the Control Panel. Note that, if you encounter the same problem, regardless of the version. You should completely uninstall from the Control Panel or use uninstaller software to make sure the driver is completely removed.

Then restart your PC and start installing the driver from the manufacturer, in this case, I used GeForce Experience to reinstall the GPU driver. If you are using an AMD GPU visit their homepage to download Radeon Software and reinstall the GPU Driver.

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