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In April, Sony officially announced three free titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The games are rated as very good quality, especially Oddworld: Soulstorm. The produced game label for PS5.

However, they have just ignored the important feature of the PS5 supported by Sony. The online features come with the PlayStation Network service. And one of the most important features made many players have to join: PlayStation Plus (PS Plus). PS Plus registration means you have elevated your PlayStation Network account to VIP. You will also get the most out of your PS4.

April’s PlayStation Plus free games - PlayStation Plus on April - Blockbuster Games for PS4 and PS5 members
April’s PlayStation Plus free games

PS Plus is a subscription service that allows you to connect to Sony’s game server. so, you can play your game online. Currently, many blockbuster games are not only good at offline mode, its online mode is also an inevitable part. So registration for the PS Plus service is very necessary.

Apart from the ability to connect to the game server, members will receive free monthly games. PS Plus free games will usually include 1 top game and 2 or 3 other normal games. You also get a discount of up to 75% for some digital games. And it allows you to save your game on Cloud.

PS Plus subscribers can download the following games when the update time in your country comes on the first Tuesday of the month. It is ready for you on the 6th of April, let’s get it.

Days Gones – the blockbuster game in this update time.

With the top-notch graphic and features included Harsh Open World and Brutal Sandbox Combat, no doubt that Days Gones is the best PlayStation Plus free game this April.

Days gone will set you in a danger place - PlayStation Plus on April - Blockbuster Games for PS4 and PS5 members
Days gone will set you in a danger place

Set in the post-apocalypse, Days Gone brings players to a pandemic that has wiped out most of the world’s population. A type of virus turns humans into creatures called Freakers. You will play as Deacon St. John, a veteran returning home from the war in Afghanistan. After the war for survival with the Freakers, Deacon slowly reminisced about the past two years. To be alive, you must always run and fight. The most valuable asset you have in your motorcycle. It is not only a means of transportation, but it also allows you to carry goods anywhere.

With the open world gameplay, you can explore the whole map as well as perform many sidequests from other characters. Although Days Gone is an exclusive game on PlayStation, it is not so good as expected. Anyway, it’s still worth trying out as a PlayStation Plus free game.

Oddworld: Soulstorm – be a Hero to write the Epic this April

With a series that started on PlayStation, it only seems fitting to see Soulstorm launch exclusively on PS4 and PS5 as far as consoles go. It is a brand spanking new game. PS Plus subscribers will receive on the day it is released as a PlayStation Plus free game.

Oddworld: Soulstorm takes place shortly after the events of Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty. Now being out of the Rapture Farms, Abe along with the 300 fellow Mudokons resign in the valley outside his old workplace. Despite being free, there’s still a lot to do.

They have to keep rescuing more Mudokons and starting an uprising against the corporate machine that enslaved his people in the first place. Meanwhile, the Glukkons retaliate with a Soulstorm Brew. This is a drink that keeps the Mudokons in an obedient state. All in all, it’s a wild story of the people against the corporate overlords told through a sci-fi vignette.

Oddworld: Soulstorm new Abe's Exodus - PlayStation Plus on April - Blockbuster Games for PS4 and PS5 members
Oddworld: Soulstorm new Abe’s Exodus

Its writing hasn’t been significantly improved over its predecessors. But the animation and cutscenes it’s told through are phenomenal. Abe has never looked this good and thus, has never been this charming. For anyone that’s played an Oddworld game before, Soulstorm will feel familiar for better and for worse. For those who have never played an Oddworld game before, it’s a stealth-based puzzle platformer. This game requires an immense amount of patience.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – a gift of April PlayStation Plus free games

For more than a decade, Rebellion has worked on the Sniper Elite series, with the most recent entry launching in 2017. Zombie Army was born as a spin-off to those games but has since become a standalone release.

The story is set in 1946, one year after the previous game ended with Hitler’s defeat and banishment to hell. Despite the apparent victory for humanity, the dead still roams the earth, and war rages on.

As allied bases continue to fall one by one, the Resistance must find out why and investigate an ominous demonic portal. Events and motivations are further explored through hidden collectibles in each chapter. It may add insight into fellow survivors and potential adversaries. It’s not the most interesting or original story. Moreover, some characters have a habit of talking incessantly, but it does enough to add context to the endless zombie killing.

There are nine distinct missions that can be played solo or cooperatively. Each of which is divided into a handful of chapters. The main goal is to reach each chapter’s safe house while solving smaller side objectives along the way.

Zombie Army: Dead War 4
Oddworld: Soulstorm new Abe’s Exodus

Over the course of the 10 to 12-hour campaign, you kill thousands of zombies. At each safe house, you can equip one rifle, a secondary weapon, and a pistol. Each weapon can be modified with valuable upgrade kits that add noticeable benefits. If you’ve never played a Zombie Army title and love killing Nazis, this is a great place to start. More importantly, this game is one of PlayStation Plus free games this April.

Final verdict

In this update time, Sony has generously offered PS Plus members top-notch games. It is wonderful that we always have new experiences throughout the month. Stay home and enjoy PS Plus member-exclusive privilege to protect yourself from the Covid-19 pandemic. And April’s PlayStation Plus free games are available on the PlayStation Store.

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