10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

PS5 is a famous console from Sony. All machines are manufactured and strictly controlled by Sony. However, they are still electronic devices, and errors, when used, are inevitable. Here are 10 common mistakes and how to fix them.

1. CE-100028-1: There is not enough free space on the SSD

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

A very common error code when the SSD on the PS5 does not have enough free space to record new games. This error is also quite simple and can be easily fixed as follows:

Check if there is enough space to download:

  • Settings > Storage > System Storage.

How to delete from System Storage: 

  • Highlight the data you want to delete and press the select button. Select Delete to delete the content.

How to delete on the home screen: 

Highlight the content you want to delete and press the options button. Select Delete to delete the content.


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2. CE-105799-1: Unable to connect to the server

The cannot connect to server error occurs when your PS5 fails to connect to the PlayStation’s system and is commonly seen as the error code CE-105799-1. Sony has now compiled a comprehensive detailed list of troubleshooting tips to do when we encounter this error.

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

01 – Check the PSN status page to see if there are any server failures or maintenance going on.

02 – Restart your PlayStation®5, and connect to the Internet using a wired connection if possible. Configure the network settings again.

03 – If using a wireless connection, review the installation location, for example by bringing your PS5 closer to your router or removing anything interrupting the connection between the devices.

04 – Turn off your router and modem and wait at least 5 minutes, then restart it.

05 – Update the firmware of your router. (For details on how to update, please contact the router vendor.)

06 – If possible, try opening these ports. TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 and UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 to 65535. For help with port opening and router settings, please contact your ISP (Internet service provider).

07 – In the network settings, set up a static IP address manually to improve it.

08 – It could be improved by changing DNS settings temporarily. Go to DNS settings in the Network Settings, and configure your network settings with the number of a public DNS that is free and open to the public by companies or organizations.
If the above does not solve the problem, the line is likely to be temporarily busy. Please leave it for a while and try again later.

3. CE-112069-9: An error occurred on data transfer via a network

This is an error when we transfer data from the old PS4 to the new PS5. Here are some ways you can fix it if you encounter the above error code:

01 – If your PS4 and PS5 are connected to the network wirelessly, try transferring data by connecting each console to the network using a wired connection or by connecting both consoles directly with an Ethernet cable.

02 – Turn off your router and wait at least 5 minutes, then restart it.

03 – Try transferring data again by going to Setting > System > System Software > Data Transfer

04 – If you only want to transfer save data, please try transferring via another storage medium, such as online storage or a USB storage device as an alternative method.

Please note the following:

Do not use the Network Test feature while Background Data Transfer is in progress.

Do not manually turn PS5 into Rest Mode while Background Data Transfer is in progress.

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

4. NP-103105-0, NP-103107-2, NP-103109-4, NP-103111-7, NP-103117-3: This service is currently under maintenance

The PSN network is sometimes inaccessible for a multitude of reasons possibly due to an unstable internet connection or an inactive Sony server. You can fix it this way:

Reset the network connection on the PS5 and try to check the network connection again.

Turn off your router/modem and wait at least 5 minutes before turning it back on.

If the above doesn’t work, try again later as the line may be temporarily congested.

5. CE-100005-6: There was a problem reading the disc (PS5 WON’T INSTALL GAME)

There have been many users who reported that they received the error code CE-100005-6 when trying to install the game on the system. And here are some things you can do to fix it:

01 – Check for smudges or fingerprints on the physical game disc, carefully wipe the disc down with a microfiber cloth and retry the installation.

02 – If it still doesn’t work, try deleting all settings and re-downloading. If you’re downloading an update and a game at the same time, pause the update and let the game fully download first.

03 – Another way is to try factory resetting your PS5.

04 – If it still doesn’t work, your game disc is probably faulty.

6. Rest mode crashing

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

Rest mode is a feature that is not new to Sony hardware. Unfortunately, it has been reported that using rest mode on your PS5 will cause serious errors, crash and even damage the device. Until Sony releases the latest update, the best thing we need to do right now is to turn off rest mode on our PS5. To do so, follow these steps:

On the PlayStation 5 main menu, select Settings. In System Settings, select Power Saving. Select Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode. Select Disable rest mode.

7. Dualsense won’t charge with the front USB on PS5

Many people have complained about their PS5 controller not being able to charge with the front USB port. Make sure you are using the USB cable that came with the machine and it is recommended to use the rear USB port to solve the problem.

8. PS5 making weird noises

A few people said they lost focus during each game because of the strange noises coming from the PS5. No specific cause has yet been given, but you can fix it by placing the PS5 in a different orientation – portrait or landscape.

9. PS5 overheating

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them

The PS5 was overheated because the main reason was that the console was not well ventilated. And here are some troubleshooting tips:

01 – Do not place it in cabinets or enclosed places.

02 – The cooling fan is located directly under the baseplate, so do not cover or cover the device.

03 – Place the machine just enough distance from the wall (the wider the better) for continuous air circulation.

04 – If this situation persists, the cause may come from the heatsink itself, now you can contact Sony for support.

10. PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

Recently, Sony has also received legal allegations related to Joystick rods drifting, leading to playing games with many problems. You can fix it slightly by doing a few tricks:

Identify the defective Joystick lever and clean the underside with rubbing alcohol. If possible, spray compressed air on the underside to get the dust-out.

Make sure the controller has been updated to the latest software version.

you try to factory reset the DualSense by inserting a thin stick into the back hole and wait 3-5 seconds. Reconnect the controller to the original via the USB cord.

10 common errors on PlayStation 5 and how to fix them​​

Above are 10 common errors on PS5 and how to fix them. Hope it will be useful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news from 4freegame.

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