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Those who regularly use the PlayStation 5 with Pulse 3D or older models will understand the suffering that they are very picky about headphones especially wireless headphones. But Pulse 3D headphones produced for PS5 do not meet the expectations of many people. Its sound quality is not really so good. But that’s about to change.

What’s wrong with Pulse 3D headset

When information about the PS5’s new software update was given most gamers were only interested. In the fact that they could add and increase the PS5’s storage hard drive. But there was an improvement that made me and many other gamers interested that they would better support the Pulse 3D headset model. This is something that gamers who play evening games at home or who are passionate about online battlefields will love.


How to upgrade your Pulse 3D headset software? And more… on PS5


Why is that? For PlayStations in general and PS5 in particular, they are usually very picky about headphones, for headphones with 3.5 head wired headphones. It will often be difficult to connect a microphone (for USB headphones it is less expensive). Even, if lucky with wireless headphones (using USB broadcast). In a lot of cases you will hear very small sounds and for Bluetooth headphones. It is almost impossible.

Which headphones can be connected (tested with many Sony headsets such as 1000Xm3, Wf1000, and Bose such as QC35, NC700). I thought it would be better to use Pulse 3D headphones. But that’s not the case, Pulse 3D has a rather deadly defect that the sound is quite small even when you turn on the maximum volume. Especially when compared to the other model of headphones that also works fine on the PS5 is Arctis 7P from Steel Series. Many people may think that it is too unsymous to compare an original price headset with 99$ (currently Pulse 3D is pricing) with a 149$ headset. But here we do not talk about high-end features such as 3D negative or something else but merely pure volume is quite small headphones.

New upgrade for Pulse 3D headset

In the new update of the PS5, you will be provided with a new audio editing software. This allows you to choose between 3 face modes: Standard, Bass Boost, Shooter and allows you to customize your own sound. Many gamers after using these new features quite satisfied with the sound quality that Pulse 3D shows. Especially when in shooter mode the battlefields inside games such as Black Ops Cold Wars become much more fierce or for example, you can hear more clearly the sounds of monsters and bullets. shot in Returnal. That will make the Pulse 3D model a lot more worthwhile for gamers who like to use headphones like me. After the update launches, if you need to save money, you can choose to buy Pulse 3D and not just choose to win on Arctis 7P with more great features.


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[…] The recent firmware upgrade of the PS5 has brought many valuable upgrades to the Pulse 3D headset because, in the past, users of this dedicated headset did not have much to deserve the $ 99 price tag. […]

[…] Pulse 3D headset “back” after new PlayStation 5 firmware update […]

[…] Pulse 3D headset “back” after new PlayStation 5 firmware update […]