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Resident Evil: Card Game is a new game belonging to the Resident Evil franchise from Capcom’s popular survival horror game franchise. The game also contributed to the creation of the concept of the survival genre in the early PlayStation. The game revolves around survival among zombie epidemics caused by biological weapons made by Umbrella Corporation.

Throughout many of the main game parts, Resident Evil also owns the individual storylines and publications of movies, animations, and stories that complement the main story content that is produced and released on PC and Console.

However, now players will be able to approach this game in a whole new direction to explore this game in the form of a Card game. Per ComicBook, a publisher of tabletop games such as Gen X Games from Spanish, is introducing Resident Evil: Card Game, which is expected to officially ship in the first quarter of 2022.


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About Resident Evil: Card Game

The Card Game still brings the survival war with Zombie that the game is aimed at. However, the Card game version will allow the characters in the same operation and cooperation with each other. If there are enough friends to join, all can co-op up to 4 people together. This style of play gets ideal by the campaign mode where friends can work together towards a common goal. Players can choose either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield to navigate through the Spencer Mansion.

The goal of Resident Evil: Card Game is to kill the zombies and try to stay alive long enough to escape the building. The gameplay will focus on exploring different areas of the castle where Umbrella is conducting experiments.

Resident Evil: Card Game releasing in early 2021
Box Resident Evil: Card Game

Just like in a video game, keys that can open the door could be throughout the mansion. Behind the door are random items, such as new weapons or green herbs. When you encounter enemies in the room, players can choose to fight or flee with them. The iconic Resident Evil boss monsters and S.T.A.R. members have also appeared. Resident Evil will also have a new reboot film adaptation-Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, this film is “back” to return to its horror roots and will release on November 24. As the card game progresses and the release of Resident Evil 4 VR next week. The next six months seem to be an expansive period for fans of Resident Evil.


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