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On the next 30th, Returnal will be officially released after being delayed for a month. Previously the game developer, Housemarque, affirmed, Returnal is a rare game that claims to take advantage of all the capabilities of the PS5 system. And recently, Sony’s PlayStation channel has posted a clip to add more information about monsters, enemies, and some battle segments.

To bring to you a detailed view and not ignore important information about Returnal. We’ve compiled the important details below. Hope you will have a more detailed look before deciding to order Returnal.

Returnal exclusive game on PS5

You will be set on an alien planet with many monster, creatures, enemies

Returnal is a 3rd person shooter game (TPS). With different angle view to the FPS game. You will have more visual space that facilitates dodging attacks from monsters. Until now, we only know the protagonist Selene is an astronaut trapped on an alien planet, which is the main setting of the game. So you won’t probably have interaction with other characters.

About the content of Returnal, the game revolves around uncovering the secrets of the planet where Selene’s ship falls after a mysterious accident. Returnal revolves around Selene’s fight for survival on the planet, along with that decoding why she is stuck in the death loop cycle. Every time she dies she will reincarnate in the old place, but the structure of the planet will change. However, each time Selene dies, memories and perceptions of Selene will be faded away.

Gameplay of Returnal PS5

Taking a place set in the future, where people use modern travel equipment and weapons. The protagonist gains powerful weapons and skills during gameplay through the checkpoint.

The interesting thing in the game is that each time you die, as mentioned before, you will start the journey in the original position but the environment in the game will change. Along with that, the types of monsters appearing will also be changed in type and number. This will ensure players don’t get bored if they have to start over.

Monsters, enemies in Returnal Hotiles PS5 trailer.


A type of monster that appears in areas with a lot of sedge trees, Mycomorph is a large tree that has been parasitized and grown upon them.

Mycomorph uses a burst of bullets to hit the target at high speed. In addition, these monsters are quite slow, so they often use an explosive boom to create an area to slow the player to attack.

This monster, Mycomorph has outlook as a tree - Returnal PS5: Monsters, creatures, enemies players will encounter.
This monster, Mycomorph has outlook as a tree

Titanops – The monster has outlook same as Venom

These creatures have the large appearance of a primate, but to be honest, they have a rather ugly face and teeth. In addition, they also have a tail with dozens of small tails.

According to the trailer, these creatures have a very fast reflex speed, they rush to approach and attack immediately, make sure you hold a good position if you do not want to eat the full attack of Titanops.

With giant body, Titanops still has quickly moveset
With giant body, Titanops still has quickly moveset

Automaton – the giant robot enemies

This was a decommissioned machine controlled by an unknown force, possibly the same thing that controlled the planet along with the other monsters in the game.

As a robot, Automaton can attack with both long-range and short-range shot. Although their movement speed is not that fast, they have quite a troublesome attack distance.

The Automaton will suddenly attack you - Returnal PS5: Monsters, creatures, enemies players will encounter.
The Automaton will suddenly attack you

Gorgolith – The monsters can’t stay away from

With a body structure resembling a combination of a turtle with a spider and a dangerous scorpion’s tail. Gorgolith has a hard shell on its back, it moves with 6 legs of a spider.

Gorgolith able to attack long-range with a laser beam by his tail, they also fire a series of chasing bullets, which is quite troublesome, but it can also use its tail to attack. If you try to stay close, you also get attack by the tail too. Obviously, the Gorgolith is a dangerous obstacle if confronted.

Be careful to Gorgolith with laser beam - Returnal PS5: Monsters, creatures, enemies players will encounter.
Be careful to Gorgolith with laser beam

Ixion – The Fallen Angel

The first boss officially introduced. Ixion has a human form, with torn wings resembling a fallen angel. He also has outstanding skills, movement ability, speed, attacks with very high range and damage.

The Ixion will be big problem with long range attack - Returnal PS5: Monsters, creatures, enemies players will encounter.
The Ixion will be a big problem with long-range attack

Infected Scout – Big secret in trailer

This is the most special creature featured in the Hotiles trailer. An infected Scout is the product of a monster living as a parasite on the corpse of another object. The special thing here is that it parasites on the body of an astronaut dressed like Selene.

As we know, the entire trailer of Returnal never mentioned another character who was stuck here. It is also not excluded that an astronaut like Selene died on this planet. This little detail sets the plot of the game even more interesting.

Will infected scout used to be another astronauts
Will infected scout used to be another astronauts

Closing thought

What do you think about the Hotiles trailer? What you’re looking for from Returnal? Let us know by comment.

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