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Demon’s Souls is not only a remake for opening titles for the new PS5 era, but also an outstanding achievement of the developer of Bluepoint Games. It’s a memorable opening of the era of Souls game style (on PS3).

For those who have played through the original Demon’s Souls on Playstation 3, the remake on Playstation 5 is not so different, the core point is the same, but the finer and smoother refinement is worthy of the graphics power of the new net-gen.

Demon’s Souls on PS3 vs PS5

The story is the same as the original. Demon’s Souls is set in the medieval kingdom of Boletaria where a greedy foolish king contracted a deceitful contract with the demons that were resting.

A dense fog covered the entire kingdom, along with powerful demons devastated the country, sending people into dire straits. Despite the efforts of so many warriors to free the kingdom from this poisonous mist, Boletaria is now in ruins compared to its heyday.

During that chaotic moment, the player, known simply as the Slayer of Demons, recklessly entered Botelaria for a chance to change his life, but quite sad to be stuck in the Nexus, the world in the middle of the line of life and death. Now to get rid of it, the player must collect enough special souls to seal the source of the mist and monsters.

And the player’s “ascetic” adventure begins!

Everything in Demon's Souls now so detail
Everything in Demon’s Souls now so detail



Still fighting slowly, slowly but even faster to get “slammed” away. PS5’s Demon’s Souls remake tries to preserve its inherent good Traditions.

The Souls series is still quite humane with newcomers, at least players dying when they die can keep their clothes and weapons. But not as cruel as some “roguelike” game in the future, dying is “start-up registration” from the beginning.

But unlike on Playstation 3, Demon’s Souls (Remake) utilizes the power of the latest PS5 gaming machine. Thanks to that, the combat experiences smoother and more stable at 60fps. Helping players like “parry” (Support) becomes easier to breathe in slaughtering enemies.

Moving, rolling around also becomes smoother and free more, no longer rigid and difficult like the original. That’s helping the online game mode of Demon’s Souls balance and the Melee class is less “frustrated” in avoiding words Mage class. Animation effects from the special weapons added to this remake are even more delightful than ever!

The monsters in the original, though disgusting, still have a rather fuzzy feel, of course with more powerful graphics. The remake makes the details of the monsters in the already disgusting Demon’s Souls world, now remaining… more disgusting!

Fat Official in this comeback is redesigned to look more obese than the original, showing the corruption in character nature.

Fat Official
Fat Official

Demon’s Souls remake take hardware advantage of PS5

Unlike Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls has a weight mechanism. If you bring too many items, you will be overweight and cannot be put in your pocket anymore. The remake allows players to send “overweight” items back. Thomas warehouse, anywhere in the world!

In support of the high-speed SSD of the Playstation 5, moving between worlds in Demon’s Souls was so fast that it was almost instantaneous. This is a convenient point for players who like to “level up” (level). There is no need for you to wear the loading screen as the original.


The worlds of Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 have become more clear than ever The branches of trees, rocks, and tones of each world in the game portray look vivid.

And of course, indispensable when it comes to this latest game is that the ability to Ray-tracing, light, and reflecting images on puddles are clearly one of the indispensable highlights when it comes to speaking about the graphics of the remake Demon’s Souls.

The sound also thoroughly optimized thanks to Sony’s 3D sound technology. The sound of the rain falling, the wind blowing, the singing in the prison “Prison of Hope”. It makes the players immerse in the game world.

The screams of monsters coming out of the dark to attack the player are clearly shown, although sometimes it also makes… Heart-pounding. It is an advantage when you know when to avoid and in any direction.

For example, if you hear the dragon’s screeching… it’s best to run faster than roll!

it's best to run faster than roll
it’s best to run faster than roll

The new generation Dualsense controller’s Haptic Feedback has been well exploited in Demon’s Souls.

When the writer is standing on the elevator, as well as when facing the boss of the Tower Knight. You can clearly feel the vibration, as well as the position of the vibration to the left or right, depending on the situation in the game.

The sound and vibration when weapons collide in Demon’s Souls are highlights by Dualsense’s handles, so making melee combat in the game “hands-on”, more satisfying!


There are changes that suit one person, but not the other, like the studio’s development of “fattening” the Fat Official monster. Maybe some players remember his moderately fat body in the original.

The plot of the Demon’s Souls remake is still the same as the old version. This means that the bad details from the original are still preserved. In fact, the story of the NPCs in the game is not bad but traditional, easy to see from the game titles.

Like the original, the present remake does not allow the player to “erase” (reset) the skill bar. It means if you make a mistake in character building, then playing again might be a better choice is playing until the end of the game.

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