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Samurai Warriors 5 – In the decades-long history of human civilization, war seems inevitable, as long as conflicts revolve around food, energy, or later thought, It all leads to war.

Although there are many wars large and small that have happened. But are mentioned and used the most in culture, entertainment… I don’t know why the Three Kingdoms and Sengoku always appear with the most frequency so much. So, that there is a game company that initiates, maintains, develops, and eats should be made purely by that topic – Koei Tecmo.

The name Dynasty Warriors (now available to the 9th table) is no stranger to the game fans acting near and far. With the pure-play chopping hash to “1 vs 1000” taking the familiar theme of The Three Kingdoms.

In parallel with it, another version with the theme of Japan War (Sengoku), with the name Samural Warriors is equally famous. In particular, the addition to the original product line with fairly close gameplay with Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors also has a chronicles storyline heavy on tactics and personnel mobilization.

Just released in late July 2021, the latest version called Samurai Warriors 5 has landed on many consoles such as PC, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.


Retaining the essence of the “Musou” series in general and Samurai Warriors in particular. The main gameplay of Samurai Warriors 5 revolves around the role of Sengoku – Era generals in Japan. Left the conflict between thousands of enemy troops, destroying enemy generals, completing tasks large and small in the show.

With action operations in the game around two regular attack and power attack buttons. The players can perform a multitude of combos by “spamming” regularly and ending with strong attacks – Which can be extended or “rough”, depending on each character.

Samurai Warriors 5 - A reboot of all Koei Tecmo franchise - Game Review

In addition, players can both “combo” and move extremely fast thanks to the Hyper Attack mechanism (appearing from Samurai Warriors 4). As well as “actively” to end the “difficult” enemy champions with rage mode and Musou attack mechanisms. These are all the essences that make up the core values of the Samurai Warriors so far.

With the goal of “rebooting” a long-term series of games, of course, Samurai Warriors 5 will need to have a new element to help do that. And this factor is called “Ultimate Attack”, which includes a lot of skills ranging from moving, “index buff” to executing extremely powerful moves.


When the writer repeatedly mentions the word “reboot”, the thing that is most invested in “remake”, is the graphics platform of Samurai Warriors 5.

Having a similar 3D style of drawing as the other Musou brothers, samurai warriors have so far been “attached” to the inherent disadvantage that Dynasty Warriors or Warrior Orochi suffered: that “greed” increased the number of characters too much after each version, to the point that the idea had to come up with very “big” (or too “Western” or “snug” shapes), as well as a very erratic skill balance.

Aware of that, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force took the risk of doing something they had tried (and… “Face-down” failure) with Dynasty Warriors 8: completely changed the design, appearance, and gameplay of the cast.

Samurai Warriors 5 - A reboot of all Koei Tecmo franchise - Game Review

This is a very difficult, very challenging task when the appearance of the characters has almost followed the “hard fans” of Musou lines for decades. However, with Samurai Warriors 5, it seems that they have succeeded, when in addition to “changing barrels, changing shirts” for characters, Samurai Warriors 5 also changed the graphics platform.

With the game subject Japan War, there is nothing like the unique black ink graphic style. Which has achieved great success in other titles such as Street Fighter V or Samurai Shodown (also recently “rebooted”). Accompanying this new style of drawing, the character is also “Japaneseized” thoroughly. With a diverse variation of beautiful samurai/shogun armor but still sticking to Japanese culture and history.

We no longer see the “Dark Knight” Nobunaga Oda, or Mitsuhide Akechi’s “daughter” named… Gracia with European gothic imagery as well – for which the new War of The War States styles are now truly expressed, makes the battles more seething and dramatic.

Especially when performing True Musou (using Musou when it is Rage Mode), each character when launching the finish will have a “stop” with a cool pose expressed with a 2D style of ink drawing, a strong impression!

The quality of 3D models is also significantly improved. When the character’s expression in the cutouts or conversations is very well expressed, helping the player clearly feel the character’s personality and mood in those scenes.


If previous versions had 50 to 60 characters, now that number was only 22 available. First of all, the number of characters is small, but familiar characters are also mercilessly mutilated. The names associated with samurai warriors from day one such as Ishida Mitsunari, Sanada Yukimura, or Naoe Kanetsugu were completely eliminated in Samurai Warriors 5 to “make room” for a new less attractive cast such as Yasuke or Kazuuji Nakamura.

Next, is the use of a “multi-weapon” system that the characters can change at will. To put it simply, it is to transform players to experience the character in many styles – harshly speaking. It is an excuse for the laziness of the game development team.

Samurai Warriors 5 - A reboot of all Koei Tecmo franchise - Game Review

If in the old days with 50 characters, players would have 50 weapons and completely different gameplay – temporarily ignoring too many things. It is difficult to keep them balanced or unique, but at least that is still the mind and effort of the game team.

Now with only 15 weapons, it is a matter of one character using another character weapon and having a “similar to 90% ” set of moves. It’s very normal. Even more ridiculous is that each character has only one Musou blow, which means that when Nobunaga Oda holds… If he hits Musou, he will shoot a series of arrows like Noah, and then finish with a… To find your “famous” sword.


Normally, when looking at games such as Samurai Warriors 5, it is clear that players want to re-experience the Sengoku atmosphere through famous campaigns and have a multi-dimensional view from different armies and dominance.

However, Samurai Warriors 5 seems more like “Memories of Nobunaga Oda and his accomplices”, as most of the main storyline of Musou revolves around the life of the 6th Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga Oda, from the beginning of the uprising to the mysterious disappearance at Honnoji Temple.

Although the parallel story of Mitsuhide Akechi; his friend, close entourage, and also the one who defeated Nobunaga Oda, also has a significant length. It has too many scenes to coincide with Nobunaga’s line, causing players to play many similar levels, just in a different perspective.

This work is somewhat coherent and gives a more objective, close-up view with the psychological development of key characters – in return it makes the plot too linear, too sentimental, and makes most other characters appear overshadowed when rotating the “satellite” Nobunaga Oda itself.

Samurai Warriors 5 - A reboot of all Koei Tecmo franchise - Game Review

Next, Samurai Warriors 5 has added the “partner” feature – the addition of a character who can change the control role to serve the two-person game, as well as increase the tactically of the game a little.

However, this is a superficial, weak move – because it is better to control 4 characters like the Samurai Warriors Chronicles, with a compact operation “pick and point” on the big map. Over here the supporting character has a very awkward way of giving orders, as well as A.I. “lacks salt”. Making ordering it to move to serve the strategic scheme become annoying, “it is better to do it yourself”.

Not stopping there, the original Citadel Mode sub-mode proved quite interesting when giving players the ability to “farm” money, EXP, and other types of resources to upgrade the stronghold. But in reality, it’s just a feature that’s intentionally redundant to increase playtime (create a resource upgrade system, then create a place to “farm” resources — and then turn it into a “game mode”).

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