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Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 is a sequel to Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts, a spin-off series of the first-person shooter series – simulating Sniper Ghost Warrior Snipers. But the fatigue of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series is not its greatest weakness. Although the game sniper mechanism is gradually improved through games, stringing it into a game has never been the strength of CI Games.

So when CI Games decided to change the direction of the series to more like Hitman with Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts, the fan community (which was not very crowded – NV) of the series now resembles a more fan community. Although the shortcomings in tempo and silliness in the design of the save mechanism make gaming also very annoying.

Surely, although Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts has so many weaknesses, the game is still successful enough to “lay” an additional post – our main character today.

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 - Review Game!
Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 – Review Game!

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 – ONE-SHOT IS A LIFE!

Since 2010, the Sniper Ghost Warrior brand has been constantly tweaking and improving to make the sniper mechanism more complete, more realistic, and fun – and Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 clearly shows that. With three classes of sniper rifles: lightweight, medium, and heavy. It is a fun experience for players to adapt to the mission according to these weapons classes.

With light sniper rifles, you can fire multiple accurate shots in a short time. Although the range is much inferior to the other two guns. Which is suitable for stringing a series of actions to lead to one (or more) marksman shots to end the mission. As for heavy snipers – players will feel really like an elite sniper when this gun line shoots slowly and grabs targets harder. But with a large range and destructive power – players will really feel like they have just fired a left-handed one with each pull of the trigger, and of course, there’s nothing cooler than just a single shot that’s enough to take down the villain from kilometers. But you don’t have to keep your eyes on yourself and shoot right away!

You have to align the wind, the drop of the bullets, adjust the focus of the aiming tube to calculate the most accurate. Every shot you fired requires careful planning and will give you a truly inscribable sense of satisfaction when you see the immediate result of that thorough preparation. The camera leaves the protagonist’s eyes, following the bullet from the barrel to the moment it turns the soldier thousands of kilometers away into a cloud of red dust.


Precisely, the sniper mechanism is only the only bright point of the game. When all the remaining elements of the game are only round the medium-weak. Between the segments you go around in the open world to perform the “contracts”. The players will be able to see the “top intelligence” of the enemy when they… Line up for you to shoot, run around when you hear gunshots, and let you walk among them… Like going to the supermarket! Sometimes they will follow each other to find players. When they hear strange noises or bomb the smoke when the head of the gun with the player. But only for a while and then run foolishly.

Even so, they have the precision… Melancholy! Now you’re Raven, the super-special forces fighter with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment on his body. It takes tens of minutes to plan a shot from a sniper rifle that’s more expensive than a car that can still slide at any time!

And the enemy is the lame soldiers holding cheap AK guns and can easily… Hit you from thousands of kilometers! Not to mention, target assassination snipers are also relatively poor – unlike Hitman. The “alternative” assassination methods of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 are both boring and inconsistent.

There is a task where the player can shoot down a container on top of the target. But the writer must assume that the evil name is… Cartoon character, because three times in a row he suddenly goes from the container after it falls on his head! And a game screen with only 2 or 3 alternative methods like that. Unlike the Freedom and Creativity of Hitman that the game aims for!

Every mission is very ambiguous, boring, and somewhat redundant, players do not really have any motivation to continue playing. Because they have to walk for half an hour just to shoot 2 or 3 pruning shots!


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