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Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to release more than the amount of 25 PlayStation 5 games. All of them will release under the PlayStation Studio name. The interesting is most 12 games will not be sequels, spinoffs. That’s means will have more tittle for the player.

That could potentially mean a lot more games than the four Sony exclusives game we already know about:

– Horizon Forbidden West (2021)
– Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (June 2021)
– God of War: Ragnarok (2021)
– Gran Turismo 7 (2022)

Twenty-one title is a lot, if not a lot. So far since the launch of PS5 and through the State of Play events. Sony has released a lot of trailers or teasers for many games that the Studio is developing, such as Project Athena, GhostWire: Tokyo, or Horizon Forbidden West…

However, Sony may not be entirely responsible for any of the games that remain unaccounted for. The PlayStation Studios logo is a little hazy. When it was first revealed, Eric Lempel, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s head of global marketing, told GamesIndustry.biz that the branding “doesn’t mean we own the developer outright, but it just means we brought it up as a first-party”. In certain instances, we don’t have control over the developer.”

Sony will release 25 exclusive games for PlayStation 5


Wired explicitly mentions independent games from Sony’s outside studios. Such as the forthcoming Kena: Bridge of Spirits and a Haven Studios game. It’s unclear if those and other related titles would be included in the over-25 number. A request for clarification from Sony was not immediately returned.

Also, if Haven Studios doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because it was only created in March after noted industry figure Jade Raymond left Google when the company’s in-house Stadia production studios were shut down. That suggests that some of these games will not be released for quite some time. Hulst did note that some of the games would be tiny, implying that they would take less time to produce. This, combined with the fact that many of the games will not be part of established franchises, is exciting for non-AAA fans like me and may help alleviate concerns that many of these games will take a decade to release.

Although the games might not all be from the same developer, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: Returnal was a PlayStation Studios’s game developed by a third party. And it’s an example of a unique game that’s earned a lot of acclaim since its release.


It’s also worth noting that these games will not be limited to the PlayStation 5. Horizon Zero Dawn has a ported (somewhat troubled) PC port, and MLB: The Show 21 is a PlayStation Studio’s game that’s available on Xbox. Sony has also mentioned that it plans to port more of its games to the PC in the future. Of course, games for both PS4 and PS5 will be released. We already know that Forbidden West will be released on the older PlayStation.

Despite the caveats, it’s exciting to learn that Sony is working on a slate of games for the PS5, which will definitely go well beyond what we’ve already do know. With 7.8 million PS5s sold according to Sony’s latest earnings report, a lot of consumers will be looking for experiences that justify the price of the PS5, and it appears that Sony is trying to cover all of its bases.

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