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Super Animal Royale is an intense and strategic shooter that requires you to stay alert, focused and clever and number of various features. Up to 64 belligerent animals are ready to unleash their claws and sharp teeth and machine guns to defeat opponents across diverse, exotic biomes. In other words, Each species will compete to choose the leader animal and then join the fight with other species!Super Animal Royale game features

Immerse yourself in the mortal arena with fast-paced, top-down action gameplay.

The whole arena is covered with fog, convenient for stealth, face-to-face and strategy gameplay.

Explore the vast and beautiful paradise island with lots of biomes, the remains of the dangerous Safari park.
Cut the grass to find hidden items, actively seek loot, and actively kill enemies one by one.This is a unique Battle Royale game where you will receive a worthy reward if you work hard and are determined to fight to the end. The game is optimized to run smoothly on even mid-range computers.

Super Animal Royale - Features and Update - Part 3
Super Animal Royale – Features and Update – Part 3

Not only owning strong animals, you also have the right to customize super animals with clothes, tombstones, deadly explosions, weapons, dances… The Super Animal Royale game world has a lot of colors for them. we discover!


Super Animal Royale – Features and Update – Part 1

Super Animal Royale 1.0:

New update of Super Animal Royale has ended its Early Access phase after 2.5 years of testing and launched the official version 1.0 on Steam. There are also versions for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.

Highlights in version 1.0:

  • Welcome Season 1 – Super Animal World Pass with Animal Pass Archive, which enables the activation of previous seasons and plays in parallel with the first official season.
  • Cross-platform gaming on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 along with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Get used to the mini pet series. Super Animal now has a miniature version called pet.
  • Map update: Super Animal Farm expands and three include Mini Ranch – the owner, this is the new home of adorable little pet.
  • Super Frog has five new varieties.
  • Introducing a sl,added series in addition to an existing add-on redesign.
  • New Steam achievement system integration. Animal royale mobile.
  • Add servers in South America and support the Portuguese interface.
  • Improve controller control, gameplay upgrades, gun balance, performance, bug fixes and more.
  • Super Animal Royale Mobile and Super Animal Royale Android is not available now, but player can try on Nintendo Switch.

Season 2 Starter Pack DLC

Own a DLC Starter Pack with S.A.W. Tickets and a series of exclusive decorative items as well as new hybrids:

  • Super Moon Bear
  • Warrior Monk Outfit
  • Warrior Monk Sword
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets (500 + 100 ticket prizes)

Christmas events

The Christmas event runs from December 14 to January 4. Super Animal will gather to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. Don’t forget to collect candy scattered throughout the island and exchange them for 8 Christmas items including:

  • Snow Shovel
  • Red Pom Beanie
  • Ice Sunglasses
  • Gingerbread Gravestone
  • Snowflake Silenced Pistol
  • Festive Lights Umbrella
  • CRISPRmas Tree Dress
    Winter Fur Hat

Join Season 2 and discover a variety of exclusive content and items that you’ve never encountered in the Super Animal Royale game.

Super Animal Royale 1.2:

Season 2

  • Welcome to Season 2 with friendly beavers.
  • Collect busy passes with 49 ranks and unlock a wide range of building-themed items, Steampunk, transform into bees as well as S.A.W. Tickets and Super Serums.
  • Season 2 lasts about 3 months with a lot of attractive gifts and exclusive content.

super animal royale download

Currently, Super Animal Royale has a free version on Steam Store, for more contents of Super Animal Royale, the players can buy Season Pass, Super Edition and Soundtrack to support Developers and Pulisher.


Super Animal Royale – Features and Update – Part 2

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