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Super Kirby Clash is an RPG, in the Kirby series developed by HAL Laboratory and Vanpool and publisher by Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch platform, released in North America on September 4, 2019, and on May 5, 2019, in Europe and Japan. This is the upgrade version of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe’s release on Nintendo 3DS. Super Kirby Clash version has single-player and multiplayer mode as well as stage and boss, this is also the second free version of the series game about Kirby after Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.

Super Kirby Clash Poster
Super Kirby Clash Poster

The game’s content in the location have a name is Dream Kingdom. One day, the kingdom gets attack by Hornhead from the Seaside area. The hero, Kirby stands up to fights to protect Dream Kingdom, along with Yellow Kirby. Team Kirby on the way to defeat Hornhead. After defeating Hornhead. Team Kirby returns to Port Village. At the same time being given a quantity of Gem Apples by Bandana Waddle Dee. He also say about a Shoppe opening nearby. At the same time, a large number of monsters appear near the Seaside and The Dunes. On the way to meet the shop owner Shoppe, Magolor to exchange items such as weapons, armor, support items by Gem Apples and Fragments. They also meet 2 new members known as Blue Kirby and Green Kirby after hearing about team Kirby’s accomplishments in the mission defeat the monsters that are threatening Dream Kingdom.

Characters Class:

The game offers players 4 clash characters with different abilities:

Kirby: default Kirby character with sword weapons. Kirby’s nickname is Blade Hero.

Yellow Kirby: A character Kirby with a giant hammer. Yellow Kirby’s nickname is Hammer Lord.

Blue Kirby: supporter of the team in the battle process with his healing ability. Blue Kirby is the nickname Doctor Healmore.

Green Kirby: A mage with a staff in hand and the ability to attack from a distance. Green Kirby is the nickname the Beam Mage.


Basic Information
Clashes in Super Kirby Clash
Clashes in Super Kirby Clash

You will take on quests to defeat monsters, that threaten Dream Kingdom to collect Gem Apples (game’s currency) and Fragments to upgrade equipment and weapons. To do a mission, the player needs Vigor, for each mission you need a different amount of Vigor. The maximum Vigor will increase every time level up, as well as using Gem Apples to recover if Vigor is low. You also redeem Gem Apples and other items by using a special “password”, the “password” in every region will have a different “password”.

Although the game character has 4 classes for every Kirby per class. Depending on the situation, players can change weapons and armor for the Kirby, according to personal preference or match before the battle. During the battle, when each member of the team collects each piece of Power Tablet, the player will have a chance to summon a meteor to attack the enemy. Completing the task as quickly as you will have the chance to earn a better quality Medal, with different rewards.

Super Kirby Clash is a light entertainment game on Nintendo Switch, players can relax with friends and family in their free time. Colors in the game focus to be eye-catching, harmonious, and pleasant with a cute cartoon style, the game’s using music from previous Kirby games. Currently, the game is free on Nintendo’s Eshop Market.

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