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Telling Lies walkthrough – Having trouble getting the latest Telling Lies achievements? Look no further!

Here’s the Telling Lies walkthrough you need to get rid of the trouble to get the final trophies/achievements.

Hey (Make it past 1am) and other time based achievements

This must be earned during regular play. 

The same for the rest of the time based achievements, including:

  • All work and no play (Make it past 2am)
  • Nocturnal animals (Make it past 3am)
  • You’re a vampire (Make it past 4am)
  • Time is running out (Make it past 5am)

There’s a clock in the upper-right corner of the screen that shows what time it is in-game.

But there’s no time limit or deadline to force you to rush through the story.

Sunrise (Headed out onto the roof)

Telling Lies walkthrough

You win this when you upload a note and it serves as the end of the game. 

You can do this before watching all 169 videos available to view in the game and then use the “Continue” option to watch all the missing videos and get the lost achievements.

Full Upload (Uploaded the entire data set)

This is the most difficult and perhaps the most likely to be used for leadership. 

As part of my regular gameplay, you can watch about 140/169 videos or some more. 

With some trial and error and random word entries into the database throughout the game, I got this number over 150. 

Thanks to Steam user Scorpio and their 170 video keyword guide, I was able to pull up the rest I missed.

The important words:

Accountant, Agent, Alba, Anesthesiologists, A-Squared, A**hole, Aurora, Ava, Baby, Baddie, Barbecue, Bark, Bellevue, Berry, Black Kite, Boat, Boo, Books, Bridge, California, Clean, Daniel, Davey, David, Dentist, DWP, Emma, End, Eric, Fever, Fireworks, F***, F***ing, Glowy, Green Storm, Gun, Halloween, Harry, Isabella, Jane, Jane Dean, Jones, Karen, Kink, Knight Eighty, Laura, Little Mermaid, Love, Mary, Max, Maxine, Medicine, Melissa, Michelle, Mike, Miller, Mission, Momma, Organizing Group, Papa, Paul, Peter, Pipeline, Pookie, Pregnant, Prosperen, Rally, Real Name, Record, Riordan, Secret, She’s My, S***, Shot, Simon, Smith, Snow White, Spell, Star, Steven, Tennis, Terrorist, Valentine, Water Is Life


Telling Lies walkthrough – Tips and tricks for you

Pointless Game (It’s the taking part that counts)

Play 10 or more Solitaire games and you will get it. 

Remember that you don’t have to play the whole game. 

You can simply press the pan button in the lower right corner of the solitaire screen and it will finally appear.

Animal Logic (Cats can’t type)

Sometime after 3 a.m, a cat jumps over the keyboard. 

The cat will leave a series of letters and characters in the search field and you just have to press the “Search” button for it. 

This can be missed if you don’t notice right away.

Organizer (You like tagging things)

Telling Lies walkthrough

You can mark the videos you have seen in the database. 

It doesn’t show up when I try to create a large group of videos at once, so I just mark one video as “A”, the next as “B”, and so on and so forth until it appears.

Librarian (You like bookmarking)

You have the option to bookmark any part of the video so you can easily revisit it later. 

Doing this 20 times will earn you achievements.

Taking out the Trash (Tidying up the desktop)

Move everything on the desktop, including the external hard drive with the database on it, to the trash and you’ll have it.

Hypertextual (Clicking down the rabbit hole)

The same as Full Upload, help may be needed. 

This is a new achievement and not as clear as others. You can emphasize any spoken word in the video by simply pressing during a call. 

After highlighting the word, press Enter and the search field in the database will be automatically filled with that word. 

Do this 10 times (I use a different word each time) to get this one.

Missing King (The game is rigged)

Telling Lies walkthrough

As you play solitaire, you will eventually discover that there is no king on the deck.

Sometimes this creates an obstacle where you can’t win the game because of it. 

It only takes a few games of solitaire to get this.

Forgot My Password (It’s not “password”)

You will be automatically connected to your computer’s home network during the game. 

But you will see in the upper right corner that you can click on the list of networks and see other people around you. 

All networks will be blocked and when you select them, you will be asked to enter a password. 

Just enter the “password” on several different networks and you will get it.

In summary

And that should be the Telling Lies walkthrough to gain achievements or trophies. 

With this guide you should have all the trophies and achievements in the game. 

For PlayStation 4 users, this will unlock the All-in-One Platinum Trophy. 

However, Xbox One players will now have a good 1,000 player score. 

What do you find the most interesting in Telling Lies? Let us know in the comments below.


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