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Get multiple graphics technology enhancements and performance improvements to the PS5 platform. The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Console Enhanced is a comprehensive upgrade to take full advantage of the power of the new next-gen. More than that I believe, ESO’s fans feel more interesting because Console Enhanced is completely free for all players owning ES on PS4.

What is included in the Console Enhanced?

Like other games when optimized on PS5. ESO is also optimized to work properly as well as to take advantage of the PS5 hardware. For the first time players will experience the Tamriel land at 60FPS and 4K resolution, is that awesome?. Wait a minute, to understand clearly about this update, please read all below. What will be updated for ESO?

Enhanced reflections: Enhanced the reflection of objects such as the surface of water and objects when exposed to light, improve reality in the environment.

Advanced lighting and shadows: Improves the quality of light and shadows of objects, while increasing the detail distance of objects in the environment. The object now will not get stuck to others objects.

Fully unlocked high-resolution textures: Fully unlocked detailed texture textures on objects. This is one of the important in enhanced. The high-resolution unlocked help the structure on the object like armor, weapon…has more detail of thin, flat, thick…even more color.

With enhanced console, the graphic in Elder Scrolls Online become more reality on PS5
With enhanced console, the graphic in Elder Scrolls Online become more reality on PS5

Additional Enhancements:

Fidelity and performance modes: Allows players to choose between Fidelity and performance modes.

Improved anti-aliasing: Increase the ability to process the saw to make the image smoother.

Improved ambient occlusion and SSGi: minimize object overlap to minimize movement error.

Unlocked high-resolution textures help object more details and colorful
Unlocked high-resolution textures help object more details and colorful

Release time of The Elder Scrolls Online

With a series of powerful upgrades. It’s really good news for ESO players upgrading from PS4 to PS5 when it’s completely free. If you have played or have never played The Elder Scroll Online, this is the right time to immerse yourself in this world.

The Enhanced Console version of ESO will be released on June 8, 2021, in the 30th update. Along with it is the Blackwood chapter, which is indeed one of the very good news for fans.

The Elder Scrolls Online is free to play event

Currently, ESO has a free-to-play event that allows players to experience a part of the game by April 13. If you feel right, you can buy ESO at a price down to 67%. Note that you can only purchase ESO during the Gate of Oblivion event period.

You are excited about the information on The Elder Scrolls Online on PS5. Feel free to feel it below!

Picking your character and begin your journey in Tamriel
Picking your character and begin your journey in Tamriel

About The Elder Scrolls Online

Is the online version of the Elder Scrolls game series released in 2015 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox. At the start of the game, you will have to escape from execution and return to Tamriel. Then from there perform the tasks of the system. Along with performing the main quests, you also need to spend time doing side quests to level up faster.

As a fat world game, you will spend a lot of time for the first 20 levels, when the areas move to do the task quite far. The character classes in The Elder Scroll Online are not much different from the character classes of the offline version. Combat in The Elder Scroll Online is also simplified when counter-attacking and defending.

The skills of the character classes are divided into three branches, and the character’s equipment can be freely chosen according to their preferences. However, the character can learn other skills when joining a guild such as Fighters or Mage …


If you’re a fan of the Bethesda Game Studios series The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls Online is a game you have to try. Even though it’s been out for a long time, ESO still holds a large number of players every day. Besides that, with the content updated usually and with the big improvement of graphic upgrade. ESO will attract a new player to join the game after release.

Even if you have never tried ESO before, this is also a good opportunity to experience the game, thanks to the Gate of Oblivion event, you can experience ESO before deciding to pay for the game. Indeed this is a very good opportunity that you should not ignore.

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