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Rat King in the Last of Us 2 is a terrifying enemy. Don’t worry. Here’s how to destroy this monster.

Who is Rat King?

The Last of Us 2 had a reputation for being brutal, but Naughty Dog has upped their game with the boss, The Rat King. 

The Rat King is one of the scariest enemies. With one hit to kill Abby, players can easily get confused in this battle. This boss fight, however, is not unbeatable.

In the first game, Ellie and Joel were introduced to hordes of runners, clickers, and the occasional bloater. In the second game, we know a more horrific version of the infected, a shambler. 

The Rat King is one of the scariest enemies.

Shamblers, like bloaters, are big and throw spores at their enemies, but these great beasts are slow and are covered in pustules filled with acid that will kill any character in two hits. However, the Rat King is the most fearful of all the infected. 

He is a mixture of all the previous infected. A bloater with shambler pustules and several clickers attached to him via cordyceps.

How to defeat The Rat King In The Last Of Us 2?

Before every battle, preparation is a must. Whether playing at the highest or lowest difficulty, having as many supplies on you as possible before joining with this freak of nature will be the biggest task. Abby should be armed with a flamethrower, a combat shotgun, and a semi-automatic rifle. 

Taking her as stocked with ammo as possible is a great first step. Then, crafting pipe bombs is the best secondary weapon against the Rat King. The Rat King is too quick for Abby to set out mines to trap him in, so focus on faster and more distant attacks.

The Rat King is too quick for Abby to set out mines to trap him in.

With the Rat King to charge like a bloater and kill in one hit, the best tactic, in the beginning, is to focus on staying as far away from him as possible. Plunge through cracks in the walls, and charge through doors. Keeping him at a distance will lessen his ability to strike, but not keep him at bay forever.

Abby can be cornered and forced up into the air by him. In this instance, having an ax, upgraded bat or hammer will be very helpful. Luckily, these encounters will not kill Abby instantly, but instead, let her struggle free while taking away a portion of her health.


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Once Abby has gained enough distance, hit the Rat King with the hardest hitting weapons she has. Don’t let her stand and shoot several times in a row unless there is a good opportunity that will give her enough time to run. This can be tedious and terrifying but will get the job done.

One of the Rat King’s several occupants will start to come out of him when his health is getting low. Looking like conjoined twins, this will give Abby more targets to hit for a decent amount of damage. 

Finally, when the Rat King is hit enough times he will fall through the floorboards, giving Abby a false sense of hope. Little does she know, down below, the conjoined clicker is escaping the Rat King’s corpse.

It will try hard to stay down and in the shadows.

While Abby is crawling between levels, she is attacked by the advanced clicker. This attack causes her and the clicker to fall into the level below them. It acts much like the stalkers from the first game’s infected. 

This clicker is fast, covered in pustules, and tougher than the average. It will try hard to stay down and in the shadows, so be careful and stay on the lookout. This beast takes nearly 20 shots to down while chasing it through the dark level.


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Now it’s time to kill The Rat King in the Last of Us 2 in the Last of us series. Good luck to you and leave your comment about this game.

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