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The Touryst, originally launched on Switch in 2019 and then released on PC and Xbox in 2020, arrives on PS4 and PS5 (8K and 60 frames) in September. Through discussion with the developer. It turns out that this game is rendered with a resolution of 7680×4320, ie 8K, inside the processor chip of PS5.

But currently, this console has not been able to output 8K to the screen, so when displayed, this game only has 4K resolution. According to developer Shin’en, this resolution is not achieved through supersampling or any kind of AI upscaling and is an all-natural 8K.

Shin’en said the Xbox Series X version of The Touryst was also rendered at a higher resolution than 4K. Specifically 6K at 60 fps and then downscaled to 4K when outputting to the screen, though the version PS5 has improved shadow effects and depth of field.

Sony started launching TV brands that support 8K and 120 fps as “PS5-ready” in early July 2020. And the PlayStation 5’s case also displays 8K alongside 4K 120 and 4K HDR. Even so, nearly 11 months after launch, the PS5 is still unable to output a signal larger than 4K resolution.

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About The Touryst PS5

The Touryst is an action-adventure puzzle game developed and published by Shin’en Multimedia for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. Once voted as one of four eShop games most popular in 2019.

A scene from The Touryst PS5
The Touryst PS5 uses a unique block and voxel art style

The game uses a unique block and voxel art style. Combining with a custom toolkit developed by Shin’en to deliver high-fidelity graphics. While maintaining frame rates smooth figure.

After about two years since it landed on Switch, The Touryst came to PS4 and PS5 last month. In particular, the PS5 version also marks the milestone of the first console game to display in 8K resolution and even run at 60 frames per second. According to a new analysis from expert group Digital Foundry.

What I Think About The Touryst PS5 

Open world games have their own charm when allowing players to explore many different areas while performing main quests. Famous open-world games like Assassin’s Creed, God of War 2018, Final Fantasy… Attract players with beautiful worlds, sometimes players will spend more time visiting the areas.

However lately I feel quite tired to spend enough time completing the side quests of open-world games. However, The Touryst has brought a new flavor to me in just a short period of time while playing.

A scene from The Touryst PS5
For The Touryst PS5, the game brings excitement and fun when I spend time with.

While quite a few games build side quests that aren’t really engaging. For The Touryst PS5, the game brings excitement and fun when I spend time with.

The Touryst is an adventure/platformer game. In-game, the protagonist is a tourist visiting an archipelago of tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the resort includes sunbathing on the beach, attending parties, diving in the sea, visiting jazz clubs, and uncovering the ancient mysteries left behind by aliens on the small islands.

The Touryst PS5 has smart and chill gameplay

The gameplay of the game is built in the direction of gradual development. Besides the convalescence, it is the exploration to find the mystery and the ruins. The fun of this gameplay makes the side quests more vivid and engaging, instead of just trying to prolong the game’s playtime.

For example, visit a monument to find a hidden strange energy core or experience some kind of puzzle challenge in a series of rooms (reminiscent of the movie Escape Room). Each challenge is based on an ability the character can do, like accurately picking up and throwing certain objects (look easy, right?).

A scene from The Touryst PS5
Each challenge is based on an ability the character can do on The Touryst PS5

Besides, some of the game’s puzzle rooms are really hard (focus on late-game), although most of these rooms have a trick to overcome them. For example, a room requires you to cover some of the rising water to open the door. But there is an alien snake trying to push the blocks you filled up and you suddenly realize. If you stand still, the snake will also stop moving, allowing you to throw the stone more easily.

A scene from The Touryst PS5
In theory, The Touryst 5 is not an open-world game.

The process of exploring these ruins will make you progress rapidly in figuring out how to solve the puzzles of the rooms. However, I think you will spend most of your time taking part in the side quests of the game. Although in theory, The Touryst is not an open-world game, as each island is an area separate from the other islands and requires you to use a boat to move and wait for the game to load, these sub-quests also displayed next to the main quests in the regions.

For example, when you go to an 80s 90s game store and try out the games here. A little while after you happen to talk to an outsider, you will get a task asking you to get the highest score for those games.

A scene from The Touryst PS5

Closing thought

The Touryst is more than just a puzzle game, where you can explore and have light fun. The activities and exploration are basically quite similar to an open-world game. That makes the islands more like a fun place than just dressing up and sunbathing. The game made me feel like casually going on an adventure while on vacation.

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[…] The Touryst – First 8K 60 frames game on PS5 […]

[…] The Touryst – First 8K 60 frames game on PS5 […]