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In recent days, the focus around Elden Ring – Beta version is heating up. A lot of gamers are interested in how different the gameplay of the game will be from the first trailers that From Software has announced. So what is attractive in this test, let’s explore new features in the gameplay and storyline of Elden Ring.

Origin of some characters in the game


After arriving at The Lands Between, you will have the opportunity to witness the beautiful Melina as a firekeeper in Darksouls. Since ancient times, there was a powerful god who forged the powerful Elden Ring. With it, he created Middle-Earth and created demigods. Gradually developed into large clans, one of which was the most powerful Golden clan that rose to power in Middle Earth.

What's New in the Beta Version of Elden Ring on PlayStation

The god of ancestors has held the Elden Ring for generations, unfortunately, until the life of Queen Marika, the ring was broken by the event “Shattered”. On this occasion, the clans quickly revolted over the fragments of the Elden Ring in hopes of gaining its almighty power. Now, Melina, a descendant of the ancestor god, asked the Tarnished to collect the fragments – Great Runes to restore order.


After the “Shattered” event, all creatures of Central Earth went mad, and Godrick. The king of a large clan was also affected by the event. He could no longer remain calm and became a sinner of the family. The arms behind him on the artbook cover are most likely the arms of the Godrick family. This event not only drives every creature crazy but also changes the body of the victim.

What's New in the Elden Ring - Beta version on PlayStation
GODRICK in Elden Ring Poster

The source of the Tarnisheds

Tarnished, also known as “the unclean”, their origin is human. They are mortal beings of Middle-earth from time immemorial, a product accidentally created by the hand of the ancestor after creating Middle-earth with the power of the Elden Ring. Then the children of this god chased and imprisoned mankind in a land covered with giant mist. Forsaken by the gods, rejected and exiled from Middle-earth. While the gods always consider themselves to be perfect, superior creatures, they have assigned the name Tarnished to mortals with lust, carrying on their sins forever.

What's New in the Elden Ring - Beta version on PlayStation
Tarnisheds in Picture

New features in gameplay of Elden Ring

Guard counter mechanics

Tarnished, also known as “unclean people,” their origins are humans. They are mortal creatures of the middle-earth region from ancient times. A product accidentally created from the hands of the ancestor god after the creation of Middle-Earth by the power of the Elden Ring. Then the sons of this god drove away and imprisoned mankind in a land covered with unsized mist. Abandoned by the gods, rejected and exiled from Middle-Earth. While the gods always considered themselves perfect creatures. The superiors should have assigned the name Tarnished to mortals who had desires, carrying with them eternal sin.

What's New in the Elden Ring - Beta version on PlayStation

It is commendable that the game has brought into some new mechanisms typical of the Guard Countermechanism. It can be said that this is the key mechanism in the gameplay of Elden Ring. The purpose of this mechanism is to help the player perform counterattacks that cause great damage to the enemy. Provided that it is successful in successfully supporting that attack as long as the Stance bar is not broken. However, blood loss is certain unless you wear items that are 100% resistant to damage.

What's New in the Beta Version of Elden Ring on PlayStation

This means that you must now not only avoid the enemy. But also calculate when to help and when to counterattack. Create a variety of gameplay of the game different from the previous products of From Software.

Ashes of war feature

Basically, this is Weapon Art when used will strengthen and create beautiful moves to fight the enemy. Every time you kill enemies, there is a rate of falling out of the Ashes of War or walking across areas that can pick them up as well. This mechanism is divided into two parts: Weapon Art – The unique technique of each weapon, each time used will cost a certain amount of Mana. Strengthening the weapon, will give the player’s weapon effects such as fire, lightning when attacking, not losing mana every time used.

What's New in the Beta Version of Elden Ring on PlayStation
Golden Knight

This mechanism is similar to Sekiro’s Combat Art or Ninjutsu, which differs only in the fact that ashes of war are applied on each weapon. Allows players to customize and change the skills of each weapon to suit the match situation. Used to drop kites, or overwhelm enemies. Some Ashes of War up to this point are known as slashing out a fast and powerful air sword, or charging a great sword and slashing a blow to the enemy,…


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The current spells have been revealed

All have the main color of blue, some will have the same effect as the dark souls game of the same company. The spells are:

Homing crystal soulmass: Summoning 5 stars protected around you, any enemy that comes close will be damaged immediately.
1. Farron Dart – firing three rays at the enemy
2. Magic arrow: shoot multiple arrows at the enemy at the same time
3. Aldrich Hail: Rain arrows fall from the top to the enemy’s head
4. Soul Steam: Putting a beam of light on the enemy, it will take 2.0 seconds to export.
5. Soul Sword: Strengthening the attack of weapons related to swords, will take from 0.75-1.75 seconds to use.
6. Soul Spear: Strengthening the attack of weapons related to wounds, will take from 0.75-1.75 seconds to use.
What's New in the Beta Version of Elden Ring on PlayStation
Stance Breaking

Familiar mechanics from Sekiro such as Crouching, Stance Breaking will be involved to support stealth style. After death, there will be more options to be revived on the spot if near you is a statue called Stakes of Marika that helps you limit the long-distance after death to flood Runes. However, to get close to these statues, you will have to face many dangerous enemies nearby.

What's New in the Beta Version of Elden Ring on PlayStation

Grace’s Guidance is a good feature of the game, which works similarly to a feature in Ghost of Tsushima. Directing the player to the next plot location, it is unclear whether the mechanism will work in one direction or depend on the player’s impact on Middle-Earth affecting the main events later. Maybe we’ll find out about this feature soon.


1. After successfully supporting the shield, the next attack will cause a lot of damage to the enemy.
2. The player can charge spell by holding down the spell button, the longer the fortune, the more damage it will cause.
3. The jump mechanism introduced will now give you more flexibility, can spam the technique to kill the boss easily.
4. It is possible to summon enemies after defeating them: In the game will place a lot of positions of Rebirth Monument so that players can summon the Spirits to fight with him.
5. Enemies will also have a separate Stance mechanism, the way to recognize when breaking their stance is when falling down.
6. Craft grafting mechanism is included, collecting things along the way so that it can be asked by NPC craft delicious goods for use.
7. The fighting mechanism on horseback is very diverse, maybe Parry right on their back, or can jump Double-Jump. When the enemy is successfully hit by his friend Parry will fall off the horse immediately, on the contrary, you yourself can also get Parry. Horses in the game will have their own HP bar, if they run out of blood you will fall off the horse.
8. Fast-Travel can be anywhere on the map, as long as you’re not in a combat game.
9. Estus Flask in the game will be able to recover each after killing a group of enemies, less lost than the old versions.

Newly disclosed areas

In addition to Stormveil, there will be two other large castles appearing in the game. A place that will be filled with the presence of skeletons along with skeleton kings sitting on the throne. One place is expected to be the undead castle.

Besides, there will be the presence of 2 new Dungeon areas, Blight Town that will take you to the kingdom of insects.

Crystal Cave’s mysterious cave area is not clear what kind of monsters will be there, but it is likely that the Tarnished will have to grope a lot to find their way out because the developer wants to bring the game to large areas, many mazes,…

The game will support cross-platform play

The game will have cross-play support, which means that players of the platforms can play together, for example, you own a PlayStation 5 but want to play with other gamers who own PlayStation 4 or PC. There will be additional custom additions to Ray-Tracing on and off in the future for the Console version. The game will run at 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 5.

Now there are the new changes and additions that From Software has made for Elden Ring. Please always follow and accompany 4freegame to always update much new information, introductions to the games that have been and are coming soon.


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