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Subway Surfers online free game is co-produced by Kiloo and Sybo Games and first appeared in April 2012.

Knowing what makes Subway Surfers so fascinating, you wouldn’t be surprised if they say it is highly rated and one of the funniest games ever!

Subway Surfers gameplay

Subway Surfers is a role-playing game. 

You will play as a mischievous boy running on train tracks. 

The story background takes the image of a train track.

The naughty boy was drawing graffiti when he was discovered by the security guard. 

The gameplay is relatively simple, you just need to use operations such as swiping left, right, up and down to avoid obstacles.

Besides, another task is that you have to collect the coins on the run. 

If you hit any obstacle twice, or get caught by the inspector, you will also lose your life. 

The obstacles that appear in the game can be a rail bar, a train or a station door, … will appear unexpectedly that you should watch out for.

In addition, to support you in the process of playing the game, there are also a few items.

These items will have a separate use, these items I will list below to make it easy for you to follow.

Rules of Subway Surfers

Rules of Subway Surfers

Playing Subway Surfers online free game is relatively easy, just using basic operations such as swiping. 

What you need to note here is that the obstacles in the game often appear very suddenly, so when playing the game you need to be very focused. 

The difficulty level of the game will also increase gradually when going to the later stage.

The obstacles will be thicker and thicker and the boy’s speed will be faster.

When you hit an obstacle once, you will be slowed down and chased by the inspector right behind. 

If you continue to touch the obstacle again, you will be caught by the inspector and lose your life. 

When you lose your life, there is only one way that you will start playing again from the beginning.

Besise, don’t forget to collect as many coins as possible. 

This money will help you unlock a variety of beautiful outfits and effects, creating excitement while playing.

In addition to money, try to collect more items that appear, because these items will make your gameplay a little easier.

Items in Subway Surfers online game

Items in Subway Surfers online game

Magnet Bar 

When you pick up a magnet, it will help you attract coins from all sides, effective for 10 seconds.

High boots

You will have 10 seconds to jump 2 times higher, making it easy to avoid obstacles. 

But be careful to control the character correctly!

Because when you fall from that height, you may be hit by another obstacle that you can’t avoid.

Double score

This item helps players get double the amount collected. 

When you can eat this item, try to eat all the gold that appears on the road.

Jet bag

It helps  players to fly high to collect the above coins within 10 seconds. 

In addition to avoiding the obstacle below, the effect that appears when flying is also very nice.


This item helps you to go fast without dying when hitting the obstacles.


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Characters in the Subway Surfers online game 

Characters in the Subway Surfers online game

There are a total of 5 characters, you can unlock the character to change to create a new feeling when playing. 

Those characters are:


This is the default character that you see from the first time. 

This character appears on the logo, the icon of the game, and it is also the main image in the game. 

Except for Dino, which has to pay money to be able to own, other characters are provided when playing.

Inspector and the dog

The character chases us during the game. 

In addition to the image of an inspector, there are other versions like Frankenstein or Santa Claus,…


Fresh appears as Jake’s friend. 

To be able to own this character, you need to collect all 50 of the character’s radios in the Mystery Box.


Tricky is also Jake’s friend, in some versions, this character also appears with Jake as the game’s icon. 

To own this character, you need to collect 3 hats from the Mystery Box.

There’s also the game’s default skateboard called Hoverboard, which costs you nothing to have this item.

Tips to play Subway Surfers online effectively

Tips to play Subway Surfers online effectively

Basically, playing the Subway Surfers free game is not difficult, as long as you focus and need a little quick hands and eyes, you will get a pretty high score.

Do not give up!

When caught, press “Save me” to be able to continue your journey, avoiding having to play from the beginning. 

That way you will be able to save the entire process as well as your gold coins.

Collect Mystery Boxes

In each box, there will be gifts as items, try to collect these boxes to unlock other characters in the game.

Run on the roof of the train

Doing so, you will avoid obstacles on the track. 

Plus, jump a lot to keep your distance from the inspector when you are close to being caught.

Buy a speedy skateboard when you have enough gold

Owning a better skateboard will help you move faster and combined with the score multiplier 35 times will help you stand in the rankings.

Keep on upgrading and unlocking

When you collect gold, upgrade all used items, or unlock new ones. 

This will help you a lot during that game.

In summary

Subway Surfers online free game is an exclusive endless running game on the mobile platform. But you can play it on your PC through an Android emulator.

Download the game here and enjoy!


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