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Halo Infinite is the version that marks the epic return of the Halo series and Master Chief, this sequel makes players feel like it’s been decades since the last Halo game was released. With just a few minutes of being in the campaign or multiplayer, a sense of familiarity hits hard and reminds us why the Halo series is one of the industry’s most important series. game.

The Infinite part of the game, although just released, is easily rated by players as the best Halo game from developer 343 Industries to date. An attempt to honor the series’ 20-year legacy while opening a new path for Master Chief and Spartans. Aside from the failed launch of Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2047. Regardless of which mode the player enters, the gameplay is also good.

With Halo’s signature iconic “feeling”. Made the first stages of the series very engaging and expanded in many wonderful ways. Whether you’re exploring the vast world of Halo Infinite with Master Chief or teaming up with friends for an intense campaign in ranked mode, Halo Infinite is an exhilarating piece of work that makes it turn out to be an easy pick for Game Informer’s Game of the Year 2021.

An Intimate Story Unfolds

After two versions with the large appearance of a large cast of characters and a complex fictional scale. Halo Infinite narrows down its story, bringing the game back to a narrative reminiscent of the original Combat Evolved. Gambit is built with a focused and simple story about hope, resilience, and growth than before.


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Strong writing, a wide range of emotions, and excellent voices are some of the factors that make Infinite a success. When it comes to bringing the conversation to life more of the sci-fi cliché past and bringing to life other action-packed episodes. It’s no shame that Halo Infinite has the best initial score when compared to Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2047.

Why Halo Infinite should win a Game of the Year 2021

Jen Taylor’s voice for character deserves credit. She demonstrated flexibility when taking on three separate characters. With each character, there are subtle differences that set them apart while maintaining the basic connection between them. The new Weapon character is very charming and childish, not annoying to others. That helps keep some fun and brightness in a plot that focuses on killing and conquering.

Music Is At The Heart Of The Game

Halo Infinite’s storytelling feels like the beginning of something new and sometimes crosses the line of hiding so much mystery. But there’s no denying that by the time the credits begin, there’s a lot to get excited about in the future.

Halo is notable for many aspects. But one aspect that actively prevails in the best and worst of Halo games is scoring. If you have played Halo before, you have undoubtedly hummed a central chorus theme somewhere in a bathroom, if not, you should do this. The moment you started Halo Infinite, the familiar theme began, and it felt like 343 Industries and the composer Gareth Coker were saying: “You are home.” What’s better is that the familiar things will become new at first. Something, a score that has the same enduring power as the original version that we have been humming for decades.

Why Halo Infinite should win a Game of the Year 2021

Coker uses the musical heritage of Halo Infinite to create something new, and it feels effortless. The music sci-fi shimmer accompanying the campaign mission said, “Sit down and enjoy this cutscene because you won it.” Zeta Halo’s semi-open world is full of marching traps and beating rhythms, and it feels like the chief is constantly in exile The force of growth is just as strong. Players can also enjoy a full set of melody, strong vocals, and drum sounds throughout their journey. Which hit every punch and bullet throughout their journey.


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Coker’s composition method allows you time to knit with different strings, woodwinds, percussion instruments, etc. This is a feat in itself. Infinite’s score is as memorable as the previous ones, which illustrates the long-term importance of Halo music. Master Chief is the protagonist of this story, but music is at its core, just like the previous works.

A Whole New World

Halo Infinite provides the fierce corridor firefights we expect. And the open-world sequence is more than we have seen in the past. These biomes demonstrate the immense scale of the conflict and open up new avenues that lead to more storylines, upgrades, and secrets. Players who do not take the usual path will face some of the most challenging and valuable battles in the game, fighting against designated targets.

Being able to travel long distances in extraordinary vehicles such as Warthog or Banshee is an amazing experience. The walk is also excellent, thanks to Master Chief’s new Grappleshot, which is an interesting device that you can use to swing around in the environment. The beautifully designed open world is another area. Where 343 Industries brings new fun to players while gaining a sense of nostalgia.


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