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Regarding the leaks of “Final Fantasy IX Remake“, some fans may be confused because there is no news about the FF8 remake. Square Enix is ​​currently working hard to produce the next part of the FF7 Remake series. The strange thing is that the company will begin to re-produce another mainline Final Fantasy game that appeared on the original PlayStation because while is busy completing the Cloud’s revised adventure. It is also strange that they will skip FFVIII and switch to FFIX.

Is the one of most famous original games on PlayStation, that’s is Final Fantasy games. FF7 not only upgraded the system but also upgraded the entire JRPG genre. While turning Final Fantasy into a global franchise. FF8 is a natural evolution of FF7, with significantly improved visual effects and the first attempt in the series to tell a love story. FF9 is a return to the classic entries of the Nintendo system while having a surprisingly dark tone.


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The original PlayStation also had Final Fantasy Tactics. Which many people think is one of the best works in the series. There are many fans of Final Fantasy looking back on this era with affection. And the FF7 Remake series hope that they can be remade in the future.

It seems strange that Square Enix will consider making FF9 Remake. Because the company is currently developing the FF7 Remake series and FF16 and finishing the work of Endwalker. There is also a reworked version of FF9 on modern systems. It looks like Zidane might return with Crowder in the full FF9 remake, while poor Skaul and other SeeD members have been ignored.

GeForce Now leak list seems to be accurate

The rumors about FF9 Remake started due to a GeForce Now data leak. Which revealed the identities of several games in development. Nvidia has confirmed that the leak is legal, but not all games are real, and some names are speculative. For some of them, this is of course correct, because Kingdom Hearts 4 is on the list and is not expected to be released soon. Some of the names on the list have been officially announced. Including Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Final Edition, which adds a lot of credibility to the leak.

Square Enix has several names on the list, and at least one of them seems to be confirmed. There is a lot of evidence that Chrono Cross Remaster is in progress and can be announced at The Game Awards.

GeForce Now leak list

The recently announced another Eden and Chrono Cross cross, as well as rumors about a complete Chrono Cross entering the modern system, indicate that the leaked Square Enix part is legitimate. FF9 Remake is one of the games mentioned on the list, which surprised many people because Square is still busy with the FF7 Remake series. FF9 remakes so quickly, why it did not wait for FF7 Remake to finish its operation. And why it skipped FF8 in the queue, there may be another reason.

Why FFIX remake with an anime series?

The reason for the rush to make FF9 Remake is that there is an FF9 animation series in production. Except for the fact that it will be targeted at children/teenagers, not much information about the show has been revealed. The show was originally scheduled to go into production at the end of 2021 or early 2022, so it may not be another year or two. If Square Enix decides to take the plotline in FF9 Remake, as it did in FF7 Remake.


Final Fantasy 14: Everything we know about the matanga Beast Tribe before Endwalker


The FF9 animation series posed a question about the fact of children. That is, whether FF9 Remake will be faithful, or whether it will dilute some of the darker elements. FF7 Remake changed its story elements to better resonate with modern audiences. Including a more critical review of Avalanche’s behavior, and an overhaul of the bee inn and drag parts of the game.

FFIX will have an anime series on Netflix

FF9 Remake may lighten its tone, which is not an easy task. There is a lot of death and destruction in the game. The overall theme involves death and how people choose their lives. Knowing that death is inevitable, it is not clear how much can be changed without completely shifting the focus of the story. If Square Enix wants to turn FF9 into a multimedia entity then such a change may be necessary. Especially when leaning toward younger audiences.

After all, Final Fantasy VIII Remake will come

If FF9 Remake is legal, it means that FF8 has been skipped for a remake. This does not mean that Squall’s adventures will be forgotten forever. Square Enix will finally complete the work of the FF7 and FF9 remake series, and FF8 is the natural choice for the next full remake. The fact that Square Enix put so much effort into cleaning up the visual effects in FF8 Remastered proves that the company has not forgotten the game. Square Enix has put a lot of effort into remaking and revamping its old library. If games like Mana Trials can be reborn on modern systems, FF8 will almost certainly meet the requirements.

After all, fan will have Final Fantasy VIII Remake

FF8 is one of the most popular works in the Final Fantasy series, even though it has acquired meme status for some of its story elements. A full remake can not only update the visual effects. But also solve some game problems, such as loopholes that make the game too easy. This story can also be adjusted to make it easier to understand. The time to make the “Squall is Dead” fan theory classic may also have arrived.


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