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Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?

Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed? Sony Santa Monica deferred the game so Christopher Judge could recuperate from a medical procedure.

Christopher Judge, Kratos’ actor, reveals the reason of the delaying of God of War: Ragnarok. Ragnarok delayed ‘because of me’ – says Kratos’ actor.

God of War Ragnarok was delayed because…

Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?
Kratos actor says God of War Ragnarok was delayed because of him

In a tweet, Judge composes that he required various medical procedures in 2019 and that God of War developer Sony Santa Monica studios postponed the game so he could recuperate and keep voicing computer games’ number one tricky father.

Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?
The reason why God of War Ragnarok was delayed
Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?
Sony Santa Monica studios delayed the game so he had time to recover

Judge proceeds to adulate Sony Santa Monica for its commitment and sympathy, saying:

Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?
He acclaims Sony Santa Monica for its devotion and empathy

Interesting facts about God of War

2018’s God of War was a continuation of the fundamental PlayStation hack ‘n cut establishment. Yet it’s an unmistakable takeoff from the past games’ fury filled hyper-brutality.

In it, Kratos is older, more astute, yet not really kinder, as he explores being a dad to his young child Atreus. Christopher Judge won acknowledgment for his job as Kratos, with his consistent snarling of “Boy,” presently inseparable from the person and a famous meme.

Sony prodded Ragnarok, the development to God of War, last year with a 2021 delivery date.

Notwithstanding, in June of this current year, Sony Santa Monica reported it had chosen to postpone the game into 2022.

The defer wasn’t especially surprising since the COVID-19 pandemic caused a few games scheduled for a 2021 delivery to be deferred.

Be that as it may, as per Judge, it appears to be the pandemic probably won’t have been the justification behind Ragnarok’s new delivery date.

Judge writes:

“Sony Santa Monica has never said a word about the delay, and what caused it”.

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Judge started his Twitter string after God Of War won IGN’s “Best Video Game of All Time” rivalry, demolishing GTA V for the honor.

The actual opposition was critical if by some stroke of good luck for its capacity to agitate essentially every individual from the video gaming public with exceptionally problematic matchup results.

Judge shut his string with a tale concerning how he nearly quit God of War altogether when he learned long-term God of War chief Cory Barlog would not be coordinating Ragnarok.

At the point when Barlog requested that he trust him and Ragnarok’s new chief Eric Williams, Judge concurred.

Why Was God of War Ragnarok Delayed?
He writes “Update, Eric Williams is a motherfuckin’ beast!!!”

An incredible message from the Kratos entertainer, and credit to Sony Santa Monica for its continuous support.

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