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Fans are curious about the Last of Us 3. The previous games left a lot of questions behind. This article will give you more answers in last of us part 3.

Many fans can’t wait to see Ellie. Will she be the main character again or be the ending part to her story? The Last of Us 3 release date rumors?

Unfortunately, not many rumors or leaks are public, but we’ll discuss more below!

The Last of Us 3 release rumors

Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us 3 isn’t currently in development. In case it’s made, the release date will be years from now. 

We know that the studio is interested in continuing the Last of Us 1 and 2. On the Script Apart podcast in April 2021, Neil Druckmann stated that the outline for the game had been done. It would be a sequel to The Last of Us 2.

The release date will be years from now.

Development on The Last of Us 2 dated from 2014 to 2020, and we’d reckon the next game will take at least as long. So, if Naughty Dog started to work on it this year, it wouldn’t be released until 2028. 

Many projects of the studio are in development now, it’s hard to exactly know the time of The Last of Us 3 until 2023 or 2024. If it makes the game, it can show up at the end of the PS5’s lifespan.

Will Ellie appear in The Last of Us 3?

When Joel died, Ellie was the main character of The Last of Us series. Although we played as Abby during most of the latter half of The Last of Us 2, her role centered around Ellie. I doubt the story will likely center around a new conflict, perhaps about the reformed Fireflies.

Ellie was the main character of The Last of Us series

However, we might see Abby and Lev to be a major part again as allies. The Fireflies aren’t close to their previous power, and Ellie might find herself siding with them in a desperate attempt to save human beings. 

Ellie’s story isn’t over yet, but we’d believe the third game can be a conclusion. She’s come full circle, and her friends and adopted family are either dead or estranged. 

She will have to face what she could avoid in the first game and make a conscious decision to be humanity’s savior or not.


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What will the story be?

As mentioned above, if Naughty Dog doesn’t take a sharp turn away from the first two games, Ellie will be the central character. At the conclusion of the second game, she’s not so hot.

Dina left her, and Tommy won’t be happy with her decision to spare Abby. As such, she may no longer consider Jackson to be her home.

We also have the whole thing where the world is still invaded with Infected. Ellie is still the only person to survive exposure to Cordyceps, which is a dilemma she’s going to have to face again.

Ellie is still the only person to survive exposure to Cordyceps.

The Fireflies have reformed, and some of them will surely remember the miracle girl’s escape from the Salt Lake City hospital. 

Wait and see!

Have there been any leaks of last of us part 3?

A big leak spoiled The Last of Us 2 for many fans, so we expect the third game will be under security. 

Since it’s not officially produced yet, there haven’t been any leaks related, and we’d be surprised if we see anything on the scale we did with the last game.


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So leave your comment or any prediction of the Last of Us 3.

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