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As a name that is no longer so strange in the genre of naval action games, World of Warships attracts by the authentic gameplay, high-class graphics. For new gamers, it is necessary to learn the instructions to play World of Warships to enter faster!

Learn some of the warships in the World of Warships

World of Warships as mentioned has a lot of diverse assets for players to choose from. On the basis of taking inspiration and ideas from countries with great military power such as the US, Russia, Japan,… Ships in the World of Warships were born. Each type will be associated with its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is necessary for players to understand and take advantage of them in a flexible, subtle way to make the battles more successful.


The destroyer is renowned for its tilted power in terms of superior flexibility and speed. Compensating for light armor is its agility. When using this ship, players should apply the tactic of hitting at close range. The destroyers were able to aim and fire torpedoes at extremely accurate proportions, causing heavy enemy losses. In addition, destroyers compared to other ships are capable of holding back faster movement.


World of Warships from A – Z for new gamers Part 2


Ships are a great option if the player is looking to defend against aircraft. If you own a single ocean liner, while fighting with your teammates, you will encounter unforeseen threats. Why? Because sometimes your opponent also owns this type of ship, so try to equip the whole team with at least 2 ships!

World of Warships from A - Z for new gamers Part 1


Battleships are a classy asset, because they can scare opponents with powerful armor and tremendous firepower. The battleship was as large as a monster in the sea, leaving anyone looking at it overwhelmed and frightened, example Tirpitz.

When using battleships, players should have their own route and plan ready. Due to their large appearance, it will affect their movement. Battleships are often vulnerable to puncturing in certain parts, such as decks, gun shelters or belts. Despite its magnitude and speed, the battleship had a few drawbacks such as a long stop and a fairly slow reflex. Therefore, players must be really flexible, skillful in the circumstances to lead them successfully.

Aircraft Carriers 

This weapon possesses many special functions and is an independent type of warship. In fact, there are a total of 3 types of aircraft: fighters, torpedoes, dive bombers. Attached to these types will be certain uses. Players should pay attention in protecting their carrier, especially limiting the armor of the opponent.

Compared to torpedoes, the aircraft flies farther, so the player pre-installs a route for the warship to prepare for attacking the enemy. The distance between your opponent and your ship should be kept short, preparing time to continue for the next enemy attack.

In fact, World of Warships is not as popular as other action and survival games. Just such as PUBG, LOL,… I’m so familiar with the gamer. But for the most part, gamers when playing World of Warships have a proportion of Unicum. Or simply put it, the best gamers always at the top of the player system.

World of Warships is one of the picky games due to its authenticity. However, once you know how to play, you can play World of Warships as a real captain. World of Warships is suitable for those who have a preference and passion for warships and naval troops. Or simply, if MOBA or FPS games have a fast, rushed game, World of Warships with a slow rhythm, focusing on strategy, calculation,… It should be suggested to you now.


World of Warships – War of Battleships

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